Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011
Chitkabrey is easily avoidable. Despite having a relatable plot of ragging, the filmmaker fails in en-cashing it right.
Aug 26, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Having a relatable theme at hand always works as an ace for any filmmaker as it gets easy for the filmmaker to strike a chord with the mass. Encashing the same is debutante director/producer Suneet Arora who makes a film based around ragging called Chitkabrey - The Shades Of Grey. The last film on the similar subject was Hostel but it failed at the Box-office more so for being a faulty film. Now if Chitkabrey makes any noise or not remains to be seen.

7 couples are brought together by chance. Their past is ready to haunt them. The common root cause of it all - Rakesh Chaubey; a small town simpleton who was ragged by them during college years. Rakesh (Ravi Kissen) is out to take revenge and makes each and every person reveal their wrong doings over the years… Whether the 7 couples come out safe from the clutches of Rakesh or not follows through the rest of the plot.

Though a very relatable subject, Chitkabrey doesn't quite exploit ragging in a proper way and seemed too rushed to lead to the bigger plot - revenge and vendetta. Had it been only for the scenes of college and the widely spread plague of ragging that continues to haunt college students; Chitkabrey could've made for a better film. But it's the bigger plot that hangs like an albatross on the audience's neck as it tries to challenge the viewer's intelligence considering them too juvenile to decipher its predictability.

Apparently, the debutant director Suneet Arora himself was a victim of ragging during his college days but it makes one wonder as why didn't he delve deeper in it to show some solution for the plague instead of weaving a plot that is completely fictional and has ragging just as its off-shoot. Moreover, even the execution of the revenge saga is very amateurishly handled. How can one call as many as 14 people for a reunion with all of them considering the one to call them is amongst them only? Why doesn't anyone think of calling the cops when Rakesh leaves all the wives to go fetch money as ransom? Almost the entire film is marred by bad scene cuts and bad dialogues. Even the explicit scenes in Chitkabrey aren't shot aesthetically and end up looking repulsive. The grainy print and shaky camera only add to the bad movie viewing experience.

To sum it up, Chitkabrey is easily avoidable. Despite having a relatable plot of ragging, the filmmaker fails in en-cashing it right.

Mansha Rastogi