A Strange Love Story Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Drama, Thriller
A Strange Love Story is strange, bizarre and easily avoided!
Jun 2, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Nothing is stable in Bollywood and life surely comes a full circle here. What else can you say to the fact that the man who launched Salman Khan is now launching his own son that too against Salman Khan only? Yes, filmmaker Suresh Bhagat who launched the superstar Salman Khan in Biwi Ho Toh Aisi back in 1988 is now pitting the debut vehicle of his son Eddie Seth starrer A Strange Love Story against Salman's Ready this week. Now it remains to see whether Eddie too turns out to be star material or not.

A Strange Love Story as the title suggests is indeed a very strange film too. The film revolves around a couple Kabir (Eddie Seth) and Jennifer (Riya Sen) who get entangled in a murder case with a cop Iqbal (Ashutosh Rana) scheming them right into it. It later turns out that Iqbal is a Jinnat by that we mean a spirit and is in love with Jennifer too! Weren't human love triangles enough in Bollywood? As the time passes by the film keeps turning from bad to worse. So there's a murder mystery, a haunting spirit, romance and comedy (unintentional of course).

In a clear case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, A Strange Love Story also takes serious beating in the story courtesy two debutante directors Tarique and Sahil Seth trying to bring in some direction in the film. It totally runs on two different tracks. At times it turns out as a thriller while at times a horror. Much to the irritation of the audience, neither horror nor the thriller makes sense.

The story moves in chunks and gets increasingly slow paced. The episodes aren't only shoddily placed but are also shot with tacky production value. What makes this film crumble even more is the mediocre acting. While Riya Sen is emotion less and dubbed throughout, debutante actor Eddie Seth shows no acting skills whatsoever. He is not only taut but needs serious help in screen presence. Wish if his father's money could better be used in taking acting training first than in having a full fledged film itself. The surprising element is the presence of Ashutosh Rana. Wonder what made him take up such a senseless film. The little said about music, editing, cinematography the better. There seems no effort put in either.

Over all, A Strange Love Story is strange, bizarre and easily avoided!

Mansha Rastogi