Markandeyan Review

Jul 31, 2011 By Rohit Ramachandran

Film is a powerful medium of communication. I can't stand these imbeciles misusing it. Veppam, Karungali and now this? Entertainment is healthy but to leave it crude? If you're going to take up a serious issue, you have to show it raw, because it has to reach people with the same intensity. But if you're going to provide entertainment, some amount of refinement is required.

Maarkandeyan is crude, loud and annoying every minute it runs through its muddling plot. I think it takes it up as its personal mission to rupture your eardrums. It's been made by a man who doesn't take the craft of filmmaking seriously and counts entirely on the audience's tolerance. Either that, or the man's been living under a rock all his life. This newbie's film is not only amateurish, it's immature. Every shot isn't even long enough to register in your brain as a scene. I'm guessing it is to hide the actors' stone-faced expressions. The cinematographer, he can't even hold a camera straight. I wondered if the thing (a more apt noun) was playing at 2x speed. The transitions between the storylines are so disconnected that they appear to be a series of low-budget advertisements. The screenplay seems to have been written on the fly- "Now that we've finished filming scene four, let's write scene five." The story is too insignificant and unintelligible to be remembered. If there's someone to be excused for that, it is the filmmaker. And No, Santhanam isn't funny.

Watching Markandeyan is walking barefoot on broken glass.

Watching Markandeyan is walking barefoot on broken glass.
Rating: 1.1 / 10
Rohit Ramachandran