Meesha Madhavan Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Jul 12, 2002 By NR

Meesha Madhavan is a sparking comedy and a laugh raiser. The film's male lead Dileep and Jagathy Sreekumar with their antics brings the house down. To a certain extent director Lal Jose has met the audiences' expectations regarding a comedy film. Needless to emphasis that Dileep fans will have a blast in this fun filled ramp.

The story is old as the hills, but it is the presentation and humour that makes the film interesting. Madhavan (Dileep) is better known in the village as 'Kallan' Madhavan as he is a petty thief. Strangely everybody in the village adores him, as he is a sort of Robinhood to the villagers. Madhavan had a childhood friend Rugmini (Kavya Madhavan) who later went to the city for studying in a city college. Her father Bhageerathan Pillai (Jagathy Sreekumar) is a local landlord and moneylender. Pillai hates Madhavan and when his daughter comes back from city, he brainwashes her against Madhavan. So, Rugmini too hates him and sees that she traps Madhavan by hook or crook. But later she realizes that Madhavan has a heart of gold and starts loving him. As the love blossoms between them, sub inspector Eapen Pappachen (Indrajeet) comes to the village and soon has a confrontation with Madhavan. Along with Pillai, Eapen spins a web for Madhavan and accuses him of stealing the idol from the local temple. How the lovers unite in the end forms the climax of the film.

Meesha... is an engrossing comedy. S.Kumar's camera has etched the beauty of Pollachi while Vidyasagar's music is the highlight of the film. Jagathy Sreekumar as Bhageerathan Pillai is superb and he has proved once again that he is the undisputed king of comedy. Dileep is in excellent form these days and he has established with this film that he is the uncrowned king of Malayalam. Kavya Madhavan is good as Rugmini though she has to check her weight. Lal Jose's direction is worth mentioning and he has proved that comedy is his forte.