Osthi Review

It wasn't until I saw Osthi that I realized that Dabangg did have quite a few things going for it. One being that it was actually watchable, another being that it was technically sound. To give it more credit, I'd say it had a rigid form, even within the masala format. That's not to say that Dabangg is a good movie. It sucks. That is not the same as saying it is a downright failure, either. It does succeed with its intentions. But, it is a movie that trivializes life as we know it. Things were bound to go wrong the minute director S.Dharani decided to remake a movie that serves as a wakeup call to film lovers about Bollywood's inability to mature.

Dharani decided to call it Osthi. Most of the scenes and dialogues ring déjà vu. Santhanam is brought in as a comic foil and his unwelcome presence only grates Osthi to its bitter end. Dabangg was two hours long, Osthi drags to almost three hours and its ingredients don't mix well with each other. The shabby editing coupled with the shaky camera make the fight sequences look hazy. Dharani doesn't simply refrain from improvising on the original, Dabangg; he also fails to keep Osthi faithful to it. Two Kollywood debutants remade two Hollywood classics this year 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and 'Strangers on a Train' with 'Nil gavani Sellathey' and 'Muran' respectively. Both directors improvised on the original in certain areas and even if their movies didn't wholly surpass the originals, they were worthy tributes. S. Dharani certainly hasn't learnt much from his ten year tenure as a director in Kollywood. Of course, who could forget the incorrigible Gilli?

This is a snoozefest. Silambarasan just stands there doing what he did in this year's Vaanam i.e. playing himself. Since Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya, there's been no attempt to get into character. Well, he's not to blame. His characters in both films required someone to voice them and he did just about that. The best part of Dabangg was Malaika Arora Khan sizzling in 'Munni Badnam Hui'. 'Kalasala Kalasala' is a weak substitute. Take away more points from glamour and there's very little left in Osthi. The funniest part of both movies was the ending- where the villain is forced to fellate the exhaust pipe of a tractor.

A snoozefest. Rating: 1 - Rohit Ramachandran