Damadamm! Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Comedy, Romance
Damadamm clearly has no Dum! Be wise before opting for this film!
Oct 26, 2011 By Swati Rohatgi

The big pink pout, that low cleavage, the silent moves, the intense expressions… Well if you thought this review was getting prurient enough to describe a woman lustfully then you're wrong. This… ahem… happens to be the description of our notorious nasal music composer cum singer turned actor Himesh Reshammiya for his film Damadamm!

Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya) has everything going great for him in life except his over-possessive and nagging girlfriend Shikha (Purbi Joshi). To add to it, now he has a great friendship with his boss's sister Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal). How he manages to keep his friendship from the radar of his possessive girlfriend and whether he manages to sail in both boats is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Expect only Himesh to make daring decisions, he clashed his Radio with 2009's highly awaited film Paa and despite the dwindling career, the multi-talented person is pitting his highly publicized latest flick Damadamm once again with the most anticipated film of this year Ra.One!

If there's one thing that remains extremely consistent throughout Himesh's acting career it's his tautness. It's highly commendable to see how meticulously he has nurtured and nourished his expressionless-ness and he takes his legacy forward even in Damadamm.

It is also very commendable on the filmmaker Swapna Waghmare's part to risk her shots by giving no dialogues to Himesh and make his silence do the talking. In a script when even the dialogues aren't helping sort the confusion of the audience, the filmmaker relies on Himesh's most consistent part to take the story forward!

There's an entire sequence in the film where Sonal Sehgal, while sitting in the car, keeps quizzing Himesh and all she gets in revert are his pouts, smiles and blank face. Wonder why he gets reduced to the silent hero.

Earlier titled Ishq Unplugged, Damadamm has been in the pipelines for at least 3 years and one can without doubts say that had it released before the girl bashing film Pyar Ka Punchnama it would've definitely worked with the masses. Courtesy enough witty takes on relationships in the past, the effect of Damadamm reduces manifold. Though the take on relationships in this film is quite amusing and hilarious so much so that Purbi Joshi almost ends up epitomizing the entire female clan, there isn't anything novel in this story as well.

The first half is breezy and moves with quick pace. It even has a good screenplay to keep you glued to the screen. Purbi Joshi's character is entertaining and makes you associate or relate with the plot somewhere or the other. However, the film stretches like elastic in the second half almost making you squirm in your seats.

Both the actresses Purbi Joshi and Sonal Sehgal do a great job. If only Himesh could complement their acting efforts to make the film partially appealing. Himesh with his long locks, long cleavage and taut look mires the film. We once again advice him crash acting course.

The music is average at best with two songs almost Umrao Jaan and Madhushala becoming hits.

Over all, Damadamm clearly has no Dum! Be wise before opting for this film!

Swati Rohatgi