Bhoot Returns Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | A | Horror, Suspense
With no innovation in storyline or chilling antics, Bhoot Returns turns out to be nothing but a mockery of the horror genre. Best avoided.
Oct 12, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

Brutally put, horror genre is reaching an extinction point. In the West too, a lot of them turn out to be trashy slasher films while in Bollywood space, the recent crop of Horror movies are turning out to be nothing but a round of big mockery. In the given scenario, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who's regular films itself are finding it hard to get takers tries to bring back the chill and horror of his 2003 superhit horror film Bhoot by releasing its sequel Bhoot Returns. Whether it does the trick or not let's find out.

Much against the relatable apartment in Bhoot, this one revolves around a duplex bungalow. Tarun (JD Chakravorthy) manages to clinch a deal of a house at a throw away price. While his wife (Manisha Koirala) is very wary and want to know the reason as to why the seller sold it for such cheap price, Tarun doesn't give it another thought and moves into his new bungalow along with wife, daughter (Alayana Sharma) and a son. As soon as they start settling down Tarun's sister (Madhu Shalini) also joins the, and starts living with them.

Manisha's doubts about the bungalow turn true as the omen soon starts plaguing the family. Her daughter starts talking about her imaginary friend. The imaginary friend starts taking over and within no time the entire house gets scared of the occurrences in the house.

RGV for the first time deploys 3D technique in a horror film and tries to instigate chills and horror through the various effects. However, instead of scaring people off, he ends up giving them multiple reasons to chuckle and guffaw. His typical frenzied camera work also goes to another level and you see the protagonists through the ceiling fan, behind the chairs, sofas and what not. The background score on the other hand is ear-splitting causing a massive headache.

There's no novelty deployed either in story or the execution. To top it, the execution is very farcical and doesn't scare you one bit. The story itself is similar to RGV's earlier scary movie Vaastu Shastra.

On the acting front, the only person who deserves a mention is Manisha Koirala. She surely should just consider this as a platform to showcase her talent and go out to doing better work.

Over all, Bhoot Returns is nothing but a mockery of the horror genre. Best avoided.

Mansha Rastogi