Gandhi To Hitler Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011
Gandhi To Hitler is devoid of any reason to watch it. All that's left at the end is the angry audience who is put through such ridicule of History.
Jul 29, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Imagine Adolf Hitler talking in a North Indian accent or shots of Germany being cheated with shots of Hilly North Indian Belt? A horrid sight right? Well that's exactly what you will go through if you ever make up your mind to watch Amrapali Media Vision Pvt Ltd's Gandhi To Hitler.

Set during the time of 1940s when the world was plagued with political unrest and German's increasing tyranny under the rule of Adolf Hitler, Gandhi to Hitler, is a film that tries to depict the contrasting ideologies of Gandhi who supported non-violence and Hitler who resorted to violence for winning through two epistolary letters written by Gandhi to Hitler. The film starts with Gandhi's letter to Hitler to put an end to his callous means. It then goes on to show the Hitler raj, the expansion of Germany, and then the downfall of Adolf Hitler when even his own aides go against him while Gandhi's track runs in parallel where he is preaching non-violence to all.

Director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar goes completely wrong in not only formulating a proper story for this film but also in the setting, character sketch, detailing et al. There seems no director of any sorts applied throughout the film is it meanders from India to Germany heedlessly. The film is deprived of any reason to watch it. Moreover, it comes across rather as a torturous trifle than anything else. A major portion of the film is shot within the bunker of Hitler where he is in the hiding. The setting looks so artificial and fake that it leaves you red in your face thinking that the filmmaker undermines its audience's intelligence to such extents. How can one ever accept an Indian i.e. Raghuveer Yadav, posing as Hitler and muttering dialogues in a North India accent? Ridiculously, everyone right from the French Army to the German Army consists of desis. So when an Indian troupe of soldiers that runs from Germany to return to India reaches the France border, you cannot say that theirs any difference between the French men and Indian soldiers! Beats me!

There are two more tracks that run in parallel to this arduous film. One that is the clandestine love affair between Eva Braun (Neha Dhupia) and Hitler and the second being the journey the troupe of Indian soldiers head by Aman Verma to Indian shores. Apparently, the director also wants to establish the story of Subhashchandra Bose's merger with the Germans and his support to the German army to fight against the Russians by lending his soldiers. Too much info crammed in a 2 hour plot.

At the end of it, all that's left is the angry audience who is put through such ridicule of History. Gandhi To Hitler is devoid of any reason to watch it.

Mansha Rastogi