Sidlingu Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2012
'Sidlingu' entertaining, Yogish makes his mark
Jan 15, 2012 By V.S. Rajapur

The trailers of "Sidlingu" created curiosity mainly because director Vijaya Prasad comes from the television industry - he is known for directing super-hit Kannada comedy "Silly Lalli", which has completed more than 1,000 episodes. Also, lead actor Yogish, who is in his early 20s, has been paired with 30-year-old Ramya.

Yogish had said that he had a big crush on Ramya. The film's music had also been much liked for its variety in composition and different type of lyrics.

With such interesting features, "Sidlingu", produced by Yogish's father Siddaraju, does not disappoint you, except for the last 30 minutes.

The first 100 minutes have lot of pleasant surprises in store with comical dialogues and natural performances holding the key to the engagement of the film. But last half an hour has meaningless twists in the story and fails to sustain the pace.

The sudden tragic end to the film may disappoint the audiences. Prasad continues to exhibit his eccentricity, shown in his television serials, even in the film. Several sequences and dialogues look unconventional, but are certainly enjoyable.

At the same time the film also has some dull moments.

"Sidlingu" is a well-performed film and director should be credited for taking best out of all the experienced artists. Anoop Sileen's music gels well with the narration, while Sugnaan's imaginative camera work stands out. Technically, the film is top class.

Sidlingu has a passion for cars and gets closer to a young girl and a middle-aged lecturer Andaalamma because of his desire to own a car. But the lecturer, who gives him lift, seduces him. Later Sidlingu moves to Srirangapattana where he finds one vintage car and wants to purchase it for an offer price of Rs.60,000. There he meets schoolteacher Mangala who helps him to realise his dreams.

Sidlingu even expresses his desire to marry Mangala, but she keeps mum as she feels Sidlingu is an innocent and infatuated youngster. Later tragedy strikes and robs Sidlingu off Mangala.

Yogish's natural dialogue delivery is the major attraction in the film. Ramya looks apt for the role of a teacher, but she does not have too many sequences to show her acting skills.

Suman Ranganath too looks convincing in her role. All the experienced artists from the television serials have done their job perfectly.

Anoop Sileen has done wonderful work in composing songs "Elle nodu manase" and "Achu mechchu". Sugnaan's colour scheme and framing is perfect. The rural situations look natural and real thanks to the work done by art director.

"Sidlingu" is a better presented with a good performance from young hero Yogish.

V.S. Rajapur