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Ye Stupid Pyar is one stupid attempt at filmmaking. A royal ignore!
Dec 8, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

As they say you can't be lucky for having good films making their way to cinema halls all the time. There come some movies too that make you cringe and crib no end. Ye Stupid Pyar is one such film. With dismal publicity and no face value, Ye Stupid Pyar may definitely vanish without a whimper, however, for those rare few out there who might go astray with the title, here's the review.

Abhishek Khurana (Jatin Khurana) comes to India for a two weeks leave from his job in USA. He joins a gym and meets Neha (Noopur Patwardhan) and falls in love with her. After many salsa learning sessions, gym sessions and dance songs, the two get married. Neha doesn't want to go far off from her parents so Abhishek shifts from US office to Bangkok only to find her wife missing on the very first day there. What happened for Neha to have disappeared, does Abhishek find him? Does anybody care?

Right from scene one, the film takes to a steep downward swing with not a single scene worthy enough to be called decent. Filmmaker Rakesh Jain who also happens to be the story writer exhibits zilch filmmaker sense. Having a half-cooked plot replete with non-actors and no graph whatsoever, Rakesh turns YSP from a bad to a worse and intolerable product.

It wouldn't be wrong to even term this film an unintentional zombie movie with the lead actor Jatin Khurana scaring you with each appearance. With half a lip, flaring nostrils and absolutely no expression on face, Jatin is a standing disaster and should compulsorily be sent to an acting academy before he takes to destroying yet another film.

The side actors all appear to be relatives of the producer (read same person as the director and story writer) or the ones who may have come for dirt cheap wages and show no touch in acting. Pieces of logs would've sufficed instead.

Even in the shooting style and the narrative there appears no aesthetics. The intimate scenes are enough to make you nauseous and want to throw up. They not only appear vulgar but also gross. The least I shall comment on the music the better! The print is grainy and the background score is awry!

Over all, Ye Stupid Pyar is one stupid attempt at filmmaking. A royal ignore!

Mansha Rastogi