Ladies & Gentleman Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2013
You can watch it one time, with a few yawns at regular intervals.
Apr 13, 2013 By Manu

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DVD Release: Oct 09 2013

We all still love watching Vietnam Colony when aired on TV. And we will keep watching it again and again. But when Siddique and Mohanlal come together after 20 years, it's tough to sit through the entire movie comfortably.

A story that crawls towards a very much expected ending, through very much expected twists and turns. That's what the movie is about. Yes, it's occasionally brilliant. But when you have Siddique behind the scenes and Mohanlal on the screen, mediocrity is considered a sin.

Ladies and Gentleman tells the story of Chandrabose (Mohanlal) who's a drunkard with his own genuine reasons to be so. He carries a positive aura and spreads it into the life of people he meets.It wasn't different in the case of the ladies who entered his life. He becomes the guide, philosopher and friend to Anu (Mamta Mohandas) Jyothi (Padmapriya) and Chinnu (Mitra Kurien). How the ladies return the favour makes the rest of the story.

Mohanlal cannot go wrong on screen. But how many more times we want to see him enacting a drunkard? The ladies deliver an appreciable performance. The debutant Krish was not striking enough. Meera jasmine as Achu is not part of the lady-gang, but handles a major role, perfectly.

The screenplay is half-baked in the first half and you keep wondering what the title of the movie has to do with the story. It gets a little bit interesting in the second part, though it goes on downhill very soon. And it being a Siddique movie, comedy deserves a special mention. There are a few good ones, but if you expect a full-length comedy movie, you will be disappointed.

The songs and BGM work in favour of the movie. Cinematography was safe in the hands of Satish Kurup.

Ladies and Gentleman is a boring movie that becomes interesting at times. You can watch it one time, with a few yawns at regular intervals. But if you are looking forward to an incredible movie from Siddique-Mohanlal duo this weekend, go take the DVD of Vietnam Colony.