I, Me Aur Main Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | Romance
I, Me Aur Main is an uninspiring romantic story that only scores pointers for its climax. Watch it only if you have patience to stick around right till the end.
Mar 1, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Courtesy the many romantic stories that Indian audience has seen in the past, it definitely is a difficult task to just rely on the romantic track and expect a box-office blockbuster. Hence, filmmakers these days try various ways of approaching romance. Debutant filmmaker Kapil Sharma makes a similar try as he merges a coming of the age storyline with the romantic plot. While Indian audience has shown great affinity towards coming of the age plots, one really has to wait and watch whether Kapil Sharma's work does the trick or not.

Casanova Ishaan Sabarwal is aware of his good looks and the effect of it on women. He takes it to his advantage while taking women for a ride. A music producer who launches new talent, Ishaan lives in with his girlfriend Anushka (Chitrandaga Singh) in a plush apartment owned by her. Without so much as paying even for the daily utilities, Ishaan has her place as his disposal for crashing in, trashing it with his personal parties etc. all for free. However, the very much in love Anushka, who is otherwise a good looking, successful lawyer, puts up with this man-child thinking that shouldering the responsibility of marriage may bring about a change in him.

But since his life revolves around him and his needs, he always shrugs off Anushka's requests of introducing her to his family. Anushka finally loses her patience and breaks up with Ishaan hoping that would bring him back to senses. However, the narcissist and ego-centric that he is, courtesy his upbringing by the excessively doting mother (Zarina Wahab), Ishaan stumbles upon Gauri (Prachi Desai) and soon takes a liking to her only to find his life turning topsy turvy when his ex Anushka comes back to haunt him again!

I, Me Aur Main by debutant filmmaker Kapil Sharma is uninteresting right from the word go. The film tries too hard to break the mould of conventional cinema however ends up being as tripe as any other average romantic film. Worse still, with various angles that of coming of the age, value for women etc. being thrown in, the film gets confused within itself annoying the audience further more.

The sub-plot of musical talent that runs concurrently through in order to bring out the coming of the age elements of Ishaan is so inanely written that it ruins the plot even more.

Kapil Sharma doesn't give two hoots about having three gorgeous looking actors on board and gives them characters that don't do justice to them at all. While John Abraham looks his best, he falters completely while trying to be the suave Casanova man-child and ends up delivering an over the top performance. The same goes for Prachi Desai who finally plays her age in the film as a hair stylist but gets mired by a shoddily written character-sketch. Zarina Wahab and Mini Mathur as Ishaan's doting mother and caring sister respectively are okay in their parts while the one who stands from the clut is Chitrangada Singh. Not only does she look her part well but also delivers brilliant performance.

Kapil also scores an ace right at the end by giving a very innovative climax one that is definitely new to Hindi cinema and also forms the highlight of the film.

To sum it up, I, Me Aur Main is an uninspiring romantic story that only scores pointers for its climax. Watch it only if you have patience to stick around right till the end.

Mansha Rastogi