18 Vayasu Review

18 Vayasu revolves around a mentally unstable youngster who takes the form of every animal he sees when under great stress. His mother, who sees him as an unwanted accident, dismisses the psychiatric diagnosis without rhyme or reason. However, one of her workers tends to him with care, going as far as hitching him up with a giggly young girl and wishing him "all the best". He thinks this is the cure for his illness, not psychotherapy; something even film-maker R.Paneerselvam believes.

Paneerselvam's attempt at comedy is barely laughable, it's just plain dumb. Yet, there were people laughing in the theatre. I strongly suspect that Paneerselvam hired members from laughter clubs and stationed them at theatres all over the city. That's smarter marketing than releasing teaser trailers or pasting posters. Even more appropriate considering that most of the Tamil population are sheep.


ILERS* This guy has killed his mother, is wanted by the cops and needs to be admitted in a mental hospital. Still, the biggest problem in the film is his love life. It's so shallow and stupid. All the more annoying because the film thinks it digs deep simply because a psychiatrist is brought in as the hero's saviour. Towards the end, when the he's about to have an episode, he sees a CGI bug roll off the edge of an asbestos roof. He takes its form and begins to roll off the train platform and onto the tracks? ROFL. How does anyone come up with such crap? */SPOILERS*

I get the feeling that the story was created on the fly. Paneerselvam got a random idea, which he (and only he) considered a brainwave, and he let his imagination run away with him. "Okay, our hero is here now. What next? Ah! Got it." Logic, sense, characters- they all go for a toss. 18 Vayasu has no form either. Paneerselvam thought of a scene sequence, filmed it. He thought of another scene sequence, filmed it. Then he used music numbers to gel the two. But nothing gels. The whole thing is on the brink of falling apart.

18 Vayasu, just like its protagonist, is on the brink of falling apart. Rating: 1 - Rohit Ramachandran