Dangerous Ishq Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Dangerous Ishhq is definitely very dangerous... to your sensibilities! Beware!
May 11, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

The first thing that comes to the mind with Dangerous Ishhq is that if Karisma Kapoor decides to come back from her sabbatical of 9 long years, her last being Baaz: A Bird In Danger (2003), the film better have a helluva storyline. And the actress has a ready-made audience awaiting the film courtesy Vikram Bhatt's last success Haunted 3D which was much appreciated by the masses. Does the film turn out to be Karisma's perfect comeback? We'll tell you.

Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) is a super model how leaves her career behind for the love of her life Rohan (Rajneish Duggal). However, fate works against them and Rohan gets kidnapped. Enters hot-shot cop ACP Bhargav Singh (Jimmy Shergill) who denies the kidnapper a ransom of 50 crores as he gets the divine intervention that even money wouldn't get Rohan back. It is in this extreme trauma that Sanjana discovers something extraordinary. She sees visions of them together- sometime in the past- in different eras. How her past life actually helps her find Rohan is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Vikram Bhatt has always had references to the past life be it in 1920 or Haunted 3D but this time around instead of making a horror film, he gives a suspense-thriller take to his film. The reason? An aim to target a huge mass that gets filtered out courtesy the horror film tag. But somebody please explain Mr. Bhatt changing the tag from horror to suspense-thriller alone doesn't get enough bums on the seats. One eventually has to take notice of the script too eh?

But the filmmaker gets so relaxed by the presence of Karisma Kapoor (finally a star) in his film that he almost turns a blind eye towards the story that ranges from being imbecile to lunatic. Ten minutes into the film and you start cursing your bad karmas of the past that lead you to watch this heap of crap.

Right from the gun-totting, mask wearing hoodlums who barge into a billionaire's house effortlessly out of nowhere to sudden flashbacks within flashbacks that Sanjana keeps going through, almost everything in the film is bizarre. One wonders if the lead actress is randomly taking a trip to her past on her own why does one even see therapist conduction past life regression session on her? But no! Smart brains be damned! The film spans a multitude of years, countless garish garbs, fake beards, fugly hairdos and incongruous accents competing with almost every bad film out there in the history of Indian cinema to find itself a prestigious spot.

The screenplay of the film forms the highlight when the biggest crises post Rohan's kidnapping comes when a teary eyed Karisma Kapoor says, "Coffee khatam ho gayi hai, grocery bhi nahi hai," and suddenly her friend says, "I'll make you tea instead!" But as I mentioned before brains be damned!

Karisma Kapoor who makes a comeback is profiled in almost every possible manner and given almost every range of acting in this film. Directors notice please! So you have the age-defying mother of two in real life, hopping around in big heals, is eternally decked up with proper make-up and hair romancing, weeping, gun-totting, turning Punjabi, Rajasthani and even Islamic all with stressful accents throughout the film.

Rajneish Duggal doesn't seem Vikram's favorite anymore as unlike all his other films with the filmmaker in the past, he gets royally wasted in this 'woman centric' film. Jimmy Shergill who appears to be the only respite in the film also turns insipid by the end of it.

Another sore point of the film is its 3D which is actually so badand blurry that by the time the film ends you'd find yourself appearing squint! So if your eyes are being tempered with how can your ears be left behind? Almost with every ludicrous past life of Karisma Kapoor there's an equally tormenting song to complement it. If that's the kind of composition that Himesh Reshammiya now concocts, he should give up on his only quality too.

To sum it up, Dangerous Ishhq is definitely very dangerous... to your sensibilities! Beware!

Mansha Rastogi