3 Review

Mar 30, 2012 By Rohit Ramachandran

Seventeen-year old Ram (Dhanush) is determined to hook up with Janani (Shruti Haasan), his classmate. They're both cookie cutter moulds. He is unrelenting at securing his lover-at-first-sight while she's both submissive and scared. As predicted, they leave their respective homes to start a new one. Ram gets his family's support but Janani is left with no choice but to break away from hers. Ram begs Janani's family to make peace with her, they succumb. "We've made it," says an excited Janani on their first night.

While we're taken through this phase of their lives in a straightforward manner, another phase is told through an investigative process. Ram is no longer with us, Janani is grieving and a close friend of Ram named Senthil is nowhere to be found. Janani goes in search of Senthil with the hope of discovering what it is that led Ram to his demise. When her search ends, Senthil says "You have only seen one side of him. There's a side of him that you are completely unaware of. I have seen it." We're eager, curious and interested. 'Why this Kolaveri Di' pops up. Right here... at the most unfortunate point. When there are mightier matters at hand. Seriously, how could you throw away months of built hype like that?

Shruti Hassan is good at channelizing quick, subtle emotions but when it comes to bursts of extreme emotions, her attempt at acting is laughable. We see her breaking down a number of times. Instead of going amok, it's done in a uniform manner and is more physical than felt.

Dhanush has reached a point in his career (one that has showcased commendable versatility) where whatever he says or does reminds us of one of his older characters. It takes defining a new character for Dhanush to disappear. As an everyman here, he's just Dhanush. He beats up a dozen men in a fight sequence, bringing out his action-hero persona when his character was developed to be an everyman. 3 is another cheap commercial.

Many scenes shared between Haasan and Dhanush are dragged unnecessarily just for the sake of making their relationship look 'cute'. I'm sorry to say it comes off as really stupid. The lead pair lacks chemistry and the characterization has little depth.

Aishwarya Dhanush doesn't seem to know what emotional response is appropriate for any situation. She directs every actor to break down at some point of time or the other, in exactly the same way. Does each and every character have to behave so melodramatically for every damn thing? Oh, wait. Perhaps, they all have bipolar disorder. Aishwarya Dhanush also attempts to pull our strings by using the ironical conclusion of "He endured so much suffering for his loved one." Sell it someplace else.

Regarding the positives, there is blunt humour present in the first half. Comic moments involving Siva Karthikeyan are worth watching but they are a few.

*SPOILER* Senthil is a complete idiot to try and reason with a mentally imbalanced human being who poses a threat to society. How am I, the viewer, expected to feel anything but annoyance? Ram has given him a fractured arm, almost stabbed his own wife yet he sits on this information without getting him admitted to a mental hospital? Why, to show how much of a loyalist he is? It's a thoroughly unconvincing show.

3 is a heartless comedy involving mentally imbalanced characters, only one of which is lucky to have been diagnosed. This is not a safe place for you to be.
Rating: 3.3 / 10
Rohit Ramachandran