Vicky Donor Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | Comedy
Vicky Donor is a huge entertainer in a small package. A serious subject dealt lightheartedly. Go for it!
Apr 20, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi


No matter how good a film is, one does need star power to drive it to the audience else it's very easy for it to be lost amidst the hoards of films that release week on week. And Bollywood hunk John Abraham surely may have come as a blessing in disguise for filmmaker Shoojit Sircar when he chose to produce a gem such as Vicky Donor.

Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar makes his directorial comeback after seven years, his last being Minissha Lamba and Jimmy Shergill starrer Yahan, and it couldn't have been a better return. He takes a topic that still gets shushed in many houses and has practically mediocre awareness and packs an entertainer around it.


For the setting you have Vicky Arora (Ayushman Khurana), a good for nothing Punjabi Munda from Lajpat Nagar refugee colony. His mother, who runs a beauty salon Dolly Beauty Parlour and has her solo expectation from life, to see her son settled, and an endearingly modern grandmother who keeps siding with Vicky for everything. He has a doggy named Whiskey and his neighbour called Pepsi Aunty. The setting in one word is engaging from the very first scene.

Now enters Dr Khurana (Anu Kapoor), owner of a listless infertility clinic whose eyes set on Vicky, a potent sperm donor. After much hesitation from Vicky's end and excessive convincing from Dr. Khurana, he finally agrees to turn into a donor and with the money that follows from his 'job' completely revamps his life. Cupid finally strikes Vicky as he comes across Ashima (Yami Gautam) - a divorcee banker. The two marry with Vicky keeping his profession unwraps. How his secret unravels and affects his life follows through the rest of the plot.

A film revolving around a social subject has many chances of turning preachy, verbose or even melodramatic but Shoojit Sircar doesn't let any of the three affect his entertainer and very smartly passes all his messages.

The first half is a cracker with dialogues that have trillion ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) moments. While the second half does get tad predictable and dull. But even at that, Shoojit keeps away from the melodramatic moroseness a lot of films slump into.

What aids the film strongly is the performance of each and every actor. Right from the grandmother (Kamlesh Gill) to mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) and even Ashima;s father in the film, every character showcases perfection. Yami Gautam, who starred in TV Shows and Commercial Ads makes a very confident film debut.

Vicky Donor however belongs completely to Ayushman Khurana and Anu Kapoor. The two put together a highly engaging, endearing and entertaining show. Ayushman surely can say good bye to his TV anchoring days as the hero is definitely here to stay. Not only does he have a brilliant screen presence but is multi-talented too. He also writes, composes and sings a song Paani Da for the film which is lilting and soothing to the senses.


Over all, Vicky Donor is a huge entertainer in a small package. Full on Punjabi dhamaal! Go for it!

Mansha Rastogi