Jodi Breakers Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | Comedy, Romantic
Jodi Breakers fails to make up for a good rom-com. Watch the film only if you are a fan of Maddy and Bips.
Feb 23, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

It sure seems the season of making or breaking of relationships. While on one hand you have the offscreen couple Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia trying to make their chemistry work onscreen too in Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, on the other there's Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan causing convenient break-ups for others in Jodi Breakers. The film has been in controversy for being a Heartbreaker's rip off. Let's find out whether there's any truth to this or not.

Sid (R Madhavan) is a break-up specialist, helping wronged parties out of bad relationships. He guarantees a quick, felicitous, final freedom to his clients. A chance encounter with the sharp Sonali (Bipasha Basu) takes his "business" to new levels. Both embark on a journey taking them through outrageous, hilarious cases that they solve with some wit and some vile... Till love happens. Unexpected twists and turns in a case, however, turn their world upside down. Sid has a lot of explaining to do but little time to course-correct. The 'Jodi- breakers' have to turn 'Jodi-makers' this time.

Filmmaker Ashwini Chaudhary who last made Good Boy Bad Boy comes up with an innovative approach to a romantic comedy but except for a few laughter show type jokes and a forced chemistry between Bipasha and Madhvan, he doesn't quite manage to pull off much out of this film.

The first half is fairly decent. Despite a few lacklustre sequences, there are some funny elements in the film that actually do make you laugh and enjoy. A special mention to Omi Vaidya's hospital scene. The second half however, dips to unfathomable lows of boredom and monotony. Almost every scene that follows after an interesting twist towards the interval in the first half, is reminiscent of things you have already seen a million times over in various romantic films.

The second half almost trudges along like a TV show with a lot of scenes just working only on expressions of two people and those expressions being captured by varied camera angles. Moreover, the Jodi making portion of the film is very stretched and goes on and on endlessly.

The songs are needlessly placed in the film testing the patience of the audience further. Much to add to the annoyance, none of the sons except Kunwara are even pleasing enough. In fact music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman's tracks come across as Pritam's rip off with a song almost reminding you of Tu Jaane Na from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

On the acting front, both R Madhvan and Bipasha Basu do a decent job individually, however, filmmaker's forced attempts in bringing out their chemistry can clearly be seen. Bipasha looks svelte in some places with excessive weight reduction however, appears completely skeletal in the others. And despite all the excessive weight on the other hand in case of Madhvan he still pleases the audience with his acting.

Omi Vaidya, Tarana are decent in their part while Dipannita Sharma and Milind Soman do a surprisingly good job at acting. The way they handle their track is praiseworthy.

To sum it up, Jodi Breakers fails to make up for a good rom-com. Watch the film only if you are a fan of Maddy and Bips.

Mansha Rastogi