Vinmeengal Review

Vignesh Menon's directorial debut, Vinmeengal has genuine intentions that ought to be respected. The story of Jeeva, a boy born with cerebral palsy isn't likely to attract the mass majority. But it brings to light, the difficulties faced by those suffering from the condition.

Driven by parallel storytelling, the film juggles between the upbringing of Jeeva and his love affair with a girl named Ila. There's a sob story at the centre but I really wish it had been toned down. It's excessively dramatic. Why prompt us from time to time with loud music and slowed-down scenes, telling us to feel a certain way? Shouldn't we viewers be given the freedom to perceive it within our own functioning frameworks? There are certain scenes that put me off, such as the overemphasizing of his disability by making him take part in marathons.

The actors do the needful while delivering lines that provide some credibility to their characters. Rahul Ravindran as Jeeva hams it up, but considering the weight of the role much of it can be excused. Unfortunately, Vinmeengal doesn't arouse enough interest. Nor does it lift spirits as endeavoured.

A sob story. Rating: 2 - Rohit Ramachandran