Khiladi 786 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Action, Comedy
Khiladi 786 is yet another film hated by the intellectuals and lauded by the masses. Watch it if your brain gets too heavy to bring it down to the theater.
Dec 7, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

So it all boils down to the bare truth - mindless capers with over the top action, loud background score and raucous actors get instantly lapped up by our Indian masses and make way to the current race of the 100 crore club. And when you have the demand you obviously have got to increase the supply. So blame the Khiladi not for he only is a successor of the on going tamasha with his latest Khiladi 786.

The film opens to the machismo and big heartedness of Bahattar (72) Singh (Akshay Kumar), a local thug from Punjab who helps the cops to catch the smugglers from across border. His family history has been of the similar kinds what with his father Sattar (70) Singh (Raj Babbar) and uncle Ekhattar (71) Singh (Mukesh Rishi)being in the same business owing to which he never could find a life partner for himself. Enters Mansukh Lal (Himesh Reshammiya) son of match maker Champal Lal (Manoj Joshi) who has a plausible family desperately wanting to get their daughter married. Cut to Indu Tendulkar (Asin) a hardcore Marathi mulgi daughter of famous gangster TTT (Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar) played by Mithun Chakraborty. Indu turns down anybody wanting to marry her for she thinks that a goon's daughter can only marry another goon. Mansukh takes up the task of getting Bahattar marry Indu and what follows is a whole lot of comedy of errors and countless lies in the rest of the plot.

Debutant director Ashish Mohan who has been a constant Assistant director of Rohit Shetty brings in all the elements of his mentor's film into this one; only in a much more tawdry manner. The film contains some of the most cliched formulas of typical Bollywood potboilers. The first half makes still for a decent watch while the second almost leaves you tired and disinterested.

The action part of this action-comedy gets redefined here by almost doing nothing and leaving it all to your 'long-fed-with-over-the-top-action' imagination. For instance, Akshay only has to move his foot for the people around him to go flying all over. Apparently, the Punjabis have raftaar and he is so quick that you can't see him fight.

As for the comedy part, there's a lot of rehash work done there and one can't help but laugh at the imbecile attempt at making it work. Some of the gags do elicit a laughs while some only make you laugh at the stupidity of it all. But nonetheless you do laugh a lot.

Ashish Mohan gives a tailor made role to Akshay Kumar who marks his return to Khiladi series after 12 years. He beats people to pulp, romances, dances and cracks some of the most lamely funny one liners. The good part in all this is that he succeeds in doing all of it proving a definite treat to all the Akshay Kumar fans. Asin's role once again has nothing much to offer. However, the actress's efforts to change her looks for the better are very much visible.

Keep aside the lead pair; it's the rest of the cast that makes for some hilarious moments. Raj Babbar, Mukesh Tiwari and their onscreen family of a blonde wife, a Chinese wife, a black mother all make for a riot. Mithun Chakraborty seems to be in good form and plays his part of TTT very well.

Himesh Reshammiya the co-producer, the music composer and the actor in the film struggles pretty much in the acting domain. If there's one feather that should be plucked and pruned completely from the root from his hat it should be of acting. The wannabe actor can manage to piss you off even while being at the background. As for his musical abilities, the songs topping the charts are enough to speak for themselves.

To sum it up, Khiladi 786 is yet another film hated by the intellectuals and lauded by the masses. Watch it if your brain gets too heavy to bring it down to the theater.

Mansha Rastogi