Chaar Din Ki Chandni Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | Romantic
Char Din Ki Chandni is a ludicrous comedy that has you either straight faced or with a frown throughout. Think twice before you opt for this one!
Mar 8, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi


Having a superhit film like Yamla Pagla Deewana in the past surely raises the hopes of the audience from the hit filmmaker Sameer Karnik's next. And he only raises the expectations higher with a colourful trailer of Char Din Ki Chandni that boasts of a perfect ensemble cast of the likes of Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Mukul Dev, Chandrachur Singh, Johnny Lever and Sushant Singh. But having Tusshar as the solo hero definitely calls for a risk. Whether this film lives up to the expectations or not, let's find out.

His highness CV Singh (Anupam Kher) is the heir apparent of royal household in Rajasthan with four peculiar sons, a drunkard Prithvi Singh (Chandrachur Singh), a lecherous son Udaybhan Singh (Mukul Dev), a son who is always angry Yashwant Singh (Sushant Singh) and a London university educated Veer Vikram Singh (Tusshar Kapoor). He is very class conscious and wants his sons to marry within Rajputs only. But Veer returns to India with a Punjabi girl Chandni (Kulraj Randhawa) in tow conveniently choosing his sister's wedding as the medium to introduce Chandni to the entire family and gain CV Singh's approval. How he manages to convince his father for getting him married to Chandni follows through the rest of the plot.


Sameer Karnik takes the idea of having a farcical comedy too far with Char Din Ki Chandni. What he ends up having is an imbecilic product that really bores you to death. There is absolutely no brain work put behind creating the storyline of this film. 'A little from here and the little for there' appears the best approach towards creating this rom-com as right from the first scene to the last you know that it's a mishmash of various comedies of the past.

The most vital thing missing in this comedy is comedy. There's hardly any laughable moment or gags that have you in splits. Moreover, in a bid to appear funny, Sameer might end up agitating some of his audience. The digs on homosexuals are very tastelessly handled while even the approach of typifying Sikhs doesn't come out right.


Each and every actor in the film appears to be genuinely trying to give their best. However, with weak screenplay and horrendous characterisation even they falter in tickling people. Tusshar's efforts as an actor can be seen as he really tries hard to keep a visible difference between Veer Singh and Pappi Sardar. However, it still doesn't manage to woo the audience. Kulraj looks extremely beautiful and does a decent job.

Music of CDKC comes from an ensemble of artists and is quite a mix bag too. While the remix of the old song Chandni and Dr. Zeus's Kangna are decent, the others are highly mediocre. Cinematography is average at best. There are croma shots of Tusshar being in London which are clearly visible.

Over all, Char Din Ki Chandni is a ludicrous comedy that has you either straight faced or with a frown throughout. Think twice before you opt for this one!

Mansha Rastogi