Shortcut Romeo Hindi Movie Review

Shortcut Romeo is a highly shoddy script executed extremely poorly and the weakest offering this week.
Rating: 33%
Jun 21, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

This can easily be declared Ameesha Patel's last attempt at resurrecting her career. The actress has been away from celluloid for long. Her last film Race 2 had her only for a brief appearance which too didn't make any noise. Does the film work for her? Let's find out.

Shortcut Remeo follows life of a filthy rich housewife (Ameesha Patel), having an extra-marital relationship to keep herself busy, and who will go to any lengths to hide her affair from her husband. While Neil Nitin Mukesh plays a young, ambitious and immoral man (Suraj), who even stoops to the level of blackmailing the lady to support his expensive tastes, Puja (Sherry) plays a victim caught in the crossfire.

Tamil filmmaker Susi Ganesan makes his foray in Hindi films with Shortcut Romeo which is a remake of his Tamil hit "Thiruttu Payale". The film does have the entire cat and mouse game that could've been interesting if for a better storyline but in its present form on celluloid only bores you to death.

The twists and turns that keep coming every now and then give a feel of a rehashed Abbas-Mustan caper but none of them hold any convincing relevance in the film. Visually the film does appear appealing with some of the action stunts executed with great expertise. That could probably the only thing to look forward to in this affair.

There isn't a doubt why one sees Ameesha Patel doing a film such as this but to see Neil in a film like this is quite a disappointment. The actor surely is capable of better films. Puja Gupta too doesn't get utilized well in the film.

Shortcut Romeo to say the least is a highly shoddy script and the weakest offering this week. Watch it if you don't have anything else to do.

Rating: 33%
Mansha Rastogi