Routine Love Story Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2012
'Routine Love Story' is simple, honest and entertaining
Nov 25, 2012 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

In an honest effort, director Praveen Sattaru presents a love story, true to its title. It depicts that all love stories go through the same phase before eventually reaching the conclusion. Known for his offbeat presentation, Sattaru scores with his latest offering exclusively because he manages to weave a story, which is very real and honest.

Like every love story, "Routine Love Story" captures the romance of Sanju and Tanvi, played by Sundeep and Regina respectively. Sanju develops immense liking for Tanvi at first sight, and after much thought, shares his feelings with Tanvi, hoping for a positive response immediately. However, Tanvi requests for time. Meanwhile, instead of growing close, they detach from each other despite extreme love for each other. Will they understand each other and come to terms with love or not, forms the rest of the story.

Sattaru deliberately chose a subject known and appreciated by all instead of experimenting with a subject the audience may be alien to. Without making anything too obvious, he works closely on a script that appears cliched, but isn't when it finally unfolds on screen. The director's audiences haven't changed since his last film "LBW" (Life before Marriage). He targets people between the age group 18 and 30 precisely, to be acknowledged for narrating a story that is similar to their lives.

The film doesn't offer anything new, but manages to leave an impact because of the simplicity in the plot. The director mirrors modern-day love story in style and adds his creative touch in the overall output. The film depicts what every relationship is akin to, but leaves scope to debate and decide whether what is shown makes sense or not. Come to think of it and you realize that Praveen only improvises on a love story that is common, yet unique in its own way.

The performance by the lead actors, Sundeep and Regina, definitely stand out. Sundeep, in his first solo hero role proves his mettle with confident acting, while Regina as the careless and high on energy girl, plays her part with ease. Vennela Kishore in his cameo is true to his role.

Comedy doesn't quite impress even with the presence of several leading comedians, while music by Mickey .J Meyer goes unnoticed barring few tracks.

Haricharan Pudipeddi