The Dirty Picture Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Drama, Dubbing
The Silkuuu Effect
Dec 7, 2011 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

All that she ever wanted in life was cinema, without having absolutely no clue of what she was getting into. The opening line of 'The Dirty Picture' reads: one must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star. This line so apt to the film, as it clearly explains what is about to unfold.

Inspired from the true story of south siren, 'Silk' Smitha, 'The Dirty Picture' is the story of a small town girl called Reshma, who dreamt of becoming a top actress in the industry. Driven by immense passion, Reshma, despite several rejections, still yearns to be an actress, as she believes in 'never give up' philosophy. However, one wrong decision changes her life once for all. Instead of becoming an actress, she takes up the role of an extra, when opportunity knocks on her door, assuming eventually she will become a heroine. With her performance as an extra, 'Silk' makes men drool over her body, producers queue up in front of her house and goes on to turn into one of the most popular extra of south Indian film industry.

Biopic films are tough to be executed, as they involve practicality in the making and the power to convince or should I say entertain the audience. Milan Luthria returns strongly and gives a film that we are going to remember for a while. 'The Dirty Picture' is not a dirty picture; it's a film that will scream at you the struggling story of a woman with a dream. A dream bigger than life.

Milan Luthria, after successful film such as 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai', surprisingly chose a bolder subject. However, thankfully he doesn't paint vulgarity in the film but teases the audience with adequate amount of sleaziness. Yes, the director didn't try to feed the audience with adult content but instead makes them ponder over the fact, why Reshma still longs for something, knowing it only gives her pain but nothing else. Also, Milan seems to have done a lot of homework, which is clearly visible in his depiction of then Madras. A lot of detailing has gone into characterization, costume and others aspects of the film that are worth mentioning.

Vidya has produced one of her career best performances. Her metamorphoses from Reshma to 'Silk' is commendable and worth talking over and over again. Be it her expressions or dialogues or her flirtatious attitude; all boils down to one thing, she was fully prepared in her role. It was Vidya Balan all the way and I hope her hard work gets paid off in the form of few awards. Next to mention is Mr. Shah, for his entertaining performance. Not only did he bring his acting expertise to display but crisp sense of humor and dialogues as well. Every dialogue between 'Silk' and Suryakant were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.

Rajat Arora's screenplay and dialogues most importantly catapulted this film to greater heights. Although, Arora's basic premise of the film revolved around sex and burning desire, it was his brilliance to make the film in such a way that it not only attracts mass audience but class audience as well. And, his dialogues, though sounded bold and cheap, managed to convince the audience that they are inspired piece of writing, keeping in mind the context of the subject and era.

Vishal-Shekhar's music also fares well with the film. Especially, 'Naka Mukka' song syncs superbly with the context of the film and is sure to attract the regional audience too. Despite, a little slow, shaky second half; 'The Dirty Picture' wins on the whole.

Bottom-line: Nobody can replace 'Silk'. She was the one. She is the one. And, she will be the only one.

Haricharan Pudipeddi