Dolls Malayalam Movie Review

Mar 17, 2013 By TRV RAJ

Shallil Kallur directed Dolls delve deep into ancient myths associated with sacred groves and worship of snakes as Gods, which are still prevalent in our land. The plot revolves around an ancient family, "Vaidyar Madom", experts in healing and miracle cure who are famous for rescuing the victims of snake bite.

The story which is old as the woods and without even a speck of novelty begins literally in olden times. Veteran actor Jagannatha Varma, who is the patriarch of Vaidyar Madom at that time, is respected by one and all for his expertise in toxicology and healing ability. He has two assistants played by Sadiq and yesteryear hero Shanavas.One among them with vaulting ambitions, double crosses his Guru and the resultant untoward incidents lead to the maligning of reputation of the Vaidyar.

Focus then shifts to the present where we see Dilip (John) a doctor who is a soccer player as well! He is the representative of the present generation. Although he belongs to the Vaidyar Madom, he is an atheist who looks down upon the customs and mocks at the superstitious attitudes of elders in his family. During one of the football matches that he involves in, the Doctor collapses and we are told that he is in the clutch of some fatal disease and that his days are numbered. Scenes involving conflicts and arguments between superstitions and reason; myths and facts take up the lion's share of the first half. The makers lose the reins within the first hour itself as the movie hurtles to shambles.

There is a ridiculous flash back scene which shows the campus life of the main characters with some amateurish song and dance sequences in the backdrop.

Acting except for the protagonist played by John, is downright inept and will stretch your level of patience.Non existent script is pushed into bottomless pit by cavalier direction. Production values are poor and technical aspects don't worth a mention.

No point in detailing and nitpicking to find out the merits and de merits of attempts like this, which are not meant to be taken seriously.Dont know why the movie is titled Dolls.May be the makers assumed that viewers are dolls without sensibility as to shell out hard earned money to witness naivete in the garb of a movie. Dolls will surely vie for the title of worst movie of recent times and it will take some beating!

Dolls will surely vie for the title of worst movie of recent times and it will take some beating!
Rating: 2.2 / 10