The Program

Release: 2016
Action, Sports
Language: English
Director(s): Stephen Frears
Producer(s): Tim Bevan, Liza Chasin
Music Director(s): Alex Heffes
An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong's performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.
Star Cast:
Dustin Hoffman
Lee Pace

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The world loved Lance Armstrong and his super wins at the Tour de France. Not once but seven times. His story was like a fairy tale. But one sports journalist wondered how Lance managed to race uphill at 80 kmph and began asking questions. His dogged quest led to a confession... You know the rest. A brilliant movie about the downfall of a super star... (Manisha Lakhe-NOWRUNNING) Read Full Review

If this film is to be believed, and that is what it really wants, Armstrong was the one and only maker of his destiny. He was not influenced by anyone in his quest for legend status. Like Lance Armstrong, it really lets you down. (Rohan Nahaar-Hindustan Times) Read Full Review

As a series of opportunities for Ben Foster to get his Lance Armstrong on, the film exerts a jolting fascination, without giving us nearly enough meat around that: it has half an eye on investigative sports journalism, half on doping procedure, and only summons vague eddies of interest in either. (Tim Robey-The Telegraph) Read Full Review

Stephen Frears' cautious study of Lance Armstrong's fall from grace doesn't crack the cyclist's implacable veneer.The film does an effective job of repackaging the Armstrong brand in its opening reel. “The Program” frames its narrative as something akin to a criminal chase.“The Program” retires with half a hill left to climb. (Guy Lodge-Variety) Read Full Review

The Program is a film with go-faster stripes.Virtually everybody knows the name Lance Armstrong. The Program assumes you know this and takes you inside the process.The Program is all about Lance Armstrong's compelling and complex path to sporting success, health and notoriety. (Nev Pierce-Empire) Read Full Review