The Nice Guys

Release: 2016
Action, Comedy
Language: English
Director(s): Shane Black
Producer(s): Joel Silver
Production Company: Waypoint Entertainment, Silver Pictures,
Music Director(s): David Buckley, John Ottman
“The Nice Guys” takes place in 1970s Los Angeles, when down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star. During their investigation, they uncover a sho...More
Star Cast:
Matt Bomer
Margaret Qualley
Keith David

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A bumbling buddy detective movie where people get shot at, maimed, their bones broken, run over by cars, chased by baddies, and generally bashed up, with the buddies escaping by the skin of their teeth, by inches, by sheer will-power, by mistakes... It's witty, sarcastic, and wholly funny. A wild ride for two hours that will keep you guffawing at the sheer audacity of events panning out! (Manisha Lakhe-NOWRUNNING) Read Full Review


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