Kichu Na Bola Kotha

Release: 2017
Drama, Romance
Language: Bengali
Director(s): Sayan Basu Chowdhury
Producer(s): Amit Acharaya, Sarbani Basu Chowdhury
Production Company: Amit Acharyya Films,
Music Director(s): Amit Mitra
Kichu Na Bola Kotha entails four different stories of different people with different background but interconnected by love. The first story features Ishani and Surjo, ex-lovers who visit their love after many years. The second story is about a writer and her fan and their meeting where the writer h...More
Star Cast:
Arjun Chakraborty
Pujarini Ghosh
Saayoni Ghosh
Sreelekha Mitra
Dristi Mondal
Mishmee Das

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