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James Berardinelli (ReelViews)
Unfortunately, the central character is as small figuratively as he is literally, and that limits the movie's capacity to enthrall and engage. - Read Full Review
John Lui (The Straits Times)
Everything is a little on the nose and the burgeoning relationship between Paul and Tran is not interesting enough to sustain the social commentary. That is made worse when the story moves into an apocalyptic tangent in the third act. - Read Full Review
Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal)
It's a movie in which too-muchness ends up being not-enoughness, since the script lacks a vital center. - Read Full Review
Anthony Lane (New Yorker)
The film, having launched a sprightly comic conceit, lets it glide away. - Read Full Review
Matthew Lickona (San Diego Reader)
Payne's brand of prickly humanism is on full display here; he seems to revel is the notion that it's only when we're uncomfortable that we have any chance at being good. - Read Full Review