AR Rahman's Augmented Reality app for his fans

Jan 30, 2018 JB

Oscar winner AR Rahman is such a popular person that everybody wants to meet him and take a picture with him. But the practical truth is that it is not possible for the musician to do this often.

To make it comfortable for him, as well as his for fans, he has come up with an exciting idea of an augmented app facility to support this. He took to his social media page to share the concept and the following is what he had to say:

"Other than music, the one thing people ask me often is them wanting to take selfies. While it’s fun to do it when I am outside bonding with fans, it’s also a hindrance to creativity...Thoughts and tunes come at random moments to me…while I am walking at the airport or while I am sitting in a lounge or dining at a restaurant. Instead of denying their request and feeling odd about it, the idea of an Augmented Reality photo app felt like such a blessing. I discussed the idea with Mr. Kaali Sudheer and Mr. Mani Shankar of Avantari to execute it. We have planned further steps to release some cool things for fans to interact and post on their social media. #AvantariTech."

Looks like a cool idea!

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