Ashvin Kumar

Ashvin Kumar is India's youngest Oscar nominated and two time national award-winning filmmaker, who has written, directed and produced a wide range of films, including India's only Oscar nominated short film Little Terrorist, documentary Inshallah, Kashmir and Inshallah Football; feature-length thriller The Forest; coming-of-age tale Dazed in Doon and his debut film Road to Ladakh starring Irrfan Khan. In 2005, he became the youngest Indian writer/director with an Academy Award Oscar® nomination, Ashvin is also the first Indian to be nominated at the European Film Academy with his film Little Terrorist which has been part of official selections to over 130 film festivals, winning awards in 25 of them, including the British Academy of Film and Television LA. At present Ashvin is facing a roadblock with Indian censors for his new film No Fathers in Kashmir which has been given an 'A' certificate while it is a story of hope and forgiveness seen through the eyes of innocent, love-struck teenagers.

Little Terrorist
(Hindi - 2005)
Director, Writer
The Forest
(Hindi - 2012)
Director, Editor
No Fathers in Kashmir
(Hindi - 2019)
Director, Actor