Gautami and Prabhu to work together again

Aug 9, 2016 JB

Gautami appears to have taken her acting career pretty seriously these days. After her Papanasam with Kamal Haasan, she was recently seen in the trilingual Namadhu/Manamantha/Vismayam where she paired with Mohanlal. The film is receiving mixed reviews. She played a middle class housewife in the film directed by Chandrasekar Yeleti

Now talks have emerged that the actress will be working with Prabhu in a Tamil film. It has to be recalled that the duo had paired up earlier in Suresh Krissna's Raja Kaiya Vacha, which released in 1990.

If this project sails’ through, this will be the first time they are teaming up again after 26 years. Sources aver that Gautami and Prabhu have signed on the dotted line. The other details, including the director, and the other cast and crew members would be announced in the next couple of days."

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