Only Vishnuvardhana Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
'Only Vishnuvardhana' - 'paisa vasool' entertainer
Rating: 83%
Dec 11, 2011 By V.S. Rajapur

"Only Vishnuvardhana" is an unpretentious, engaging and entertaining commercial film, which provides enjoyment to the viewers and is a 'paisa vasool'.

The script by debutant director is racy and filled with all the masala elements, needed for a star-studded saga. Another attraction is sequences showing legendary actor Vishnuvardhana, who had earlier featured in producer Dwarakish's many films.

The title itself suggests that the film will be a nostalgic journey for the fans of Vishnuvardhana, known as a Dada and Sahasa Simha in the Kannada film industry.

Sudeep, an ardent fan of the actor in real life, portrays the role of a Dada fan who dreams to become a crorepati. Seeing Vishnu and Sudeep together on screen a feast for fans.

Apart from that, the film is a perfect mix of comedy and action embellished with punchy dialogues and a fast paced narration -- all this keeps the audience on the edge of the seat. Sudeep fans would not have asked for more.

Kicha Sudeepa, a wonderful performer who has acted in Hindi and Telugu films with the known names like Amitabh Bachchan, delivers a mind blowing performance that not only pleases his fans, but also takes the move to a notch higher.

He rocks in comic scenes with Arun Sagar like never before and his scenes with the dog in the villain's house are exceptionally good.

The first half is entertaining, but later the film gets serious with more twists and turns. It is interesting to watch the story progressing with an intelligent narration, though the comedy elements are not used as extensively as in the first half.

The sequence where hero plays an intelligent game with the villain is likeable.

But the climax is a letdown.

For the fans, a little more of action would have been a bonus.

Vishnu is not keen to pursue his family business of laundry. He dreams about making easy money by hook or crook. His astrologer friend Shashtri fuels his dream by telling him that he has a bright future.

Vishnu meets a foreign returned girl, Bharathi and to impress her, he pretends to be a doctor. Eventually he falls in love with her and also becomes closer to her family.

As it happens, one day Vishnu lands up at a police station for confronting don Aidshesha's sidekicks. At the police station, he gets hold of Adisesha's mobile, which falls out of his pocket.

And the phone brings him pot of money.

While Adisesha is hunting for the person who stole his mobile, a cop is also looking for the person with the mobile, which has some of his secrets.

Priya, who has been keeping an eye on Vishnu since he stole the mobile, asks him to kill Adishesha.

How Vishnu wriggles out of the situation and marries Bharathi forms the rest of the story.

As the villain's wife Priyamani has a challenging role and she gives her best. Bhavana adds glamour to the film. Sonu Sood rocks as the villain and credit should also go to Ravishankar who has dubbed for him.

Arun Sagar is a perfect foil to Sudeep in the comedy role. Dwarakish and other veteran artists have proved to be good selections for the roles.

The film is visually good and Hari Krishna's music could have been better. Dance choreography is top class and Gautham Raju's editing is impressive. Technically, the film is superior.

"Only Vishnuvardhana" is a perfect entertainer for all sections of audiences.

Rating: 83%
V.S. Rajapur