London Paris New York Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Romance
London, Paris, New York is for the ones who haven't seen Before Sunrise or are plain lovers of sugar mush.
Mar 2, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

These days one of the best ways to promote a film is to make it viral on the social networking/micro blogging sites. And this marketing approach seems to be working very strong in case of London, Paris, New York. If you presently follow any of the industry insider you'd know that the film being lauded meticulously, courtesy many a special screenings, is London, Paris, New York. But does that guarantee a good film still? Find out.

Tracing the expanse of three cities (names being obvious) in three different parts of the world, London, Paris, New York is the story of Nikhil (Ali Zafar) and Lalitha (Aditi Rao Hydari) who keep meeting and separating and meeting again and separating again till they eventually fall in love and stay happily ever after.

Straight out of Mills & Boons with dollops sugar coated mush, London, Paris, New York takes off in a very Hollywood film Before Sunrise style. The couple meets at the airport (it is train in original), conversations strike over a book and the two end-up spending an entire day in London careening from the churches to parks and to streets. Eventually the two separate promising to meet again in US but things go awry and Nikhil fails in keeping his promise. A few years later he unearths her in Paris and witnesses a changed Lalitha. The two keep stick long once again taking the audience on a Paris ride only to fall out once more for a long while.

How can a film end on a sad note now? So the two meet once again when once more Nikhil succeeds in digging her out, this time in New York at the time when Lalitha is engaged to a certain Alan. Amidst the ritualistic kiss and make up, the two come together one more time. At the risk of being a spoiler, the film comes to a happy ending after all.

Filmmaker Anu Menon, puts forth a complete mish-mash of rip-offs and clichés. The twists in the film are mostly predictable taking away the anticipation out of it completely. However, what works best in the film's favour is the editing and acting. At just a 100 minutes, LPNY is short and the pace is nicely maintained.

Another ace in this film which can also be considered the saving grace is the acting. Both Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari show the potential to carry the film on their shoulders. They are the reasons that the audience remains engaged right till the end. Ali Zafar, however, steals the show. His lazy swagger and endearing looks and great comic timing is very infectious.

In a first of sorts in Hindi cinema, both lead actors Ali and Aditi lend voices to songs giving the entire situation a very real feel. The music of the movie composed by Ali Zafar himself is pleasant and refreshing.

Over all, London, Paris, New York is for the ones who haven't seen Before Sunrise or are plain lovers of sugar mush.

Mansha Rastogi