Kho Kho Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | Drama
Poor script spoils 'Kho Kho'
Jan 15, 2012 By V.S. Rajapur

R. Chandru directed "Kho Kho" is a predictable fare that has a story which is often seen in Indian films. The film with top names in the cast and acclaimed technicians in the crew doesn't offer anything innovative. The element of surprise is missing from the narration and it moves on without generating curiosity.

Director Chandru had made his debut with "Taj Mahal", a promising film. But he did not show traces of same brilliance in his second attempt "Prem Kahani". His third film "Mylari" had a convincing screenplay and an interesting narration, which not only elevated the star status of Shivaraj Kumar, but had also strengthened people's belief that Chandru is capable of delivering good commercial entertainer.

Unfortunately his fourth directorial venture "Kho Kho" is a let down as it ends up as an ordinary fare with no freshness in the content. The story lacks elements of logic, as many sequences look unbelievable. The continuity is missing in many sequences evident in the way songs and action sequences appear on screen without any connectivity.

Songs do not engage audiences either.

Prior to the release, Chadndru had claimed that "Kho Kho" is a stylishly made film with state of the art technical support. Unfortunately, the film doesn't qualify for a stylish presentation.

Chandru should take the blame for such a poor screenplay and illogical sequences. He should have worked more on screenplay.

The brazenness with which Chandru has lifted sequences from successful non-Kannada films may surprise you. The film's pace is inconsistent and it lacks continuity. There is no build up to many important sequences and songs.

Camera work and background music are high points of the film, but bad song compositions and poor editing work mar it.

Ramana Gogula's compositions are ordinary and tunes of two songs have been lifted from his non-Kannada films.

Telugu actor Srihari's dubbing work is another irritant.

Film starts off with Cauvery, sister of strict police commissioner Srihari Prasad, accidentally meeting an IPS aspirant Kitty in a chess match. They become good friends, but this does not go well with Cauvery's suspecting brother who engages his assistant to threaten Kitty.

Cauvery wants to get married to her boyfriend in the temple town of Kukke. Meanwhile, Kitty, who has been earlier misunderstood by Srihari Prasad, wants to clears all that.

Kitty, who has delivered some strong performances, has been cast as an action hero and he has tried his best to look convincing on the screen. But he has to definitely improve upon his dancing abilities.

Priyamani looks glamorous in the song sequences and she looks quite good in some emotional scenes too. Harshika Poonacha carries off her part very well and it is high time she should be offered more challenging roles.

Telugu actor Srihari is not likeable because of his dialogue delivery and artificial mannerism.

Anu Prabhakar, Ravi Kale, Bullet Prakash, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila and Shobharaj have carried off their respective roles quite efficiently.

Chandrashekhar once again proves that he is a top-notch cinematographer. Outdoor sequences boasts of visual splendor.

A lot more was expected from "Kho Kho", but the film is just an ordinary flick. Chandru had a chance to make a total entertainer, but fails because of his shortcomings as a scriptwriter.

V.S. Rajapur