Maximum Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012
Maximum has minimum entertainment and maximum mediocrity.
Jun 29, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

Call it either dearth of new storylines or plain rat race, cop drama films seem to be gracing cinema halls one after the other and by no means are the films getting better and better with time. Instead, they seem to be getting tripe and hackneyed by each film. The recent one to hit the marquee is Sonu Sood-Neha Dhupia and Naseeruddin Shah starrer Maximum. Let's find out what this film has in stores for its audience.

Tracing the time when underworld was its peak, Maximum is the journey of two encounter specialist inspectors Pratap Pandit (Sonu Sood) and Arun Inaamdaar (Naseeruddin Shah) who are hired to gun down the dons, wannabe dons, aides to the dons and many more. So they mercilessly go around town shooting people left right and center. But between all this increases a departmental rivalry among the two. Arun who was once Pratap's senior has been put down below him. Arun's dire need to get back in the game and turn tables leads to a divide between the department.

If reading the story doesn't make you recall then let me help you by stating that you may just have seen similar stuff in Ram Gopal Varma's Department or even in Nana Patekar starrer Ab Tak Chappan. So in terms of novelty factor there isn't much in the offering here.

Filmmaker Kabeer Kaushik tries to showcase Mumbai from the times of 2003 to present but his only way to interpret Aamchi Mumbai is via crowded trains to an extent one wonder what's the obsession all about. The film had great potential to make for a stark, slick and interesting cop-drama but Kabeer's story-telling is way too slow, uninspiring and trudges at a snail's pace making you brood throughout its run time.

One the major flaws is that neither does the film do enough justice to the portions where the cops encounter dons nor does it build up much on the rivalry between the two cops. Ultimately, the last sequence of a face-off between the two cops only comes across as preposterous.

Sonu Sood, who plays the straight-faced, serious cop tries his best to play the angry young man kind of a role but sadly, his act gets mired by badly shaped character. The same goes for Naseeruddin Shah who, for an actor of great caliber, gets royally wasted. Neha Dhupia who plays Sonu Sood's wife in the film gets used up as a prop.

To sum it up, Maximum has minimum entertainment and maximum mediocrity.

Mansha Rastogi