Tamanchey Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | Crime, Romance
An inane plot, poor execution and forced acting all makes for a bad film. Tamanchey misses the shot. Easily Avoidable.
Oct 10, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

For a film relying on a retro number by not just going the whole hog promoting it but also having it in the tagline (read. Pyaar mein dil pe maar de goli), you know there's hardly much to boast of.

A gangster rom-com, Tamanchey is about two small time thugs, Munna Mishra (Nikhil Dwivedi) and Babu (Richa Chadha) who meet during one of the most absurd accidents in a grungy location that kills everyone except the two would be lovers. The two meet, love happens at first sight and then they separate. A gangster's moll that Babu is, she vanishes quickly in thin air leaving behind the dreamy thug Munna who is hell bent on chasing her. And in a bid to win her over Munna bumps into Rana Tau (Damandeep Singh), the gangster who Babu works. In no time Munna enters Rana's camp and makes attempts to woo his lady love. Sparks fly but it all falls flat when Rana gets a whiff of his moll's alleged affair.

This is a UP based spaghetti film which tries too hard to be witty, interesting, and a masala entertainer of guns and goons. But sadly, nothing works in the favour of the film. The movie oscillates between boredom and imbecility and hangs unabashedly on lose threads of a wafer-thin plot.

There are scenes that appear straight out of a 70s film, accent which is forced, humour which is insipid and songs that are ear splitting. While the first half is listless, the second is over the top. Everything appears forced throughout the film, right from the UPiite accent of characters to the cuss spewing female moving from one "maa-behen gaali" to other because you know the woman is rough and tough. There's ample skin (read. Cleavage) show throughout the film as well and unpalatable intimacy between Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda which will make you squirm in your seats.

While Richa tries too hard to make up for the apology that the film is by her acting, Nikhil fails even at that. Rana Tau's character too is average at best.

As they say, not every film is Gangs Of Wasseypur but this one doesn't make it to a worthy watch list too. A complete waste of time.

Mansha Rastogi