Housefull Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2013
I doubt 'Housefull' would witness full houses for a long time.
Feb 17, 2013 By Veeyen

The joys and travails of child rearing are explored in 'Housefull', a film that stars Tini Tom and Jytohirmayi in the lead roles. Playing Ananthan and Emily respectively, the couple is in for a big surprise when after a long wait, they are blessed with not one, not two, but four kids.

'Housefull' takes upon its task of telling the story of a traffic policeman a bit too seriously, and it's quite a while before Ananthan is able to find a woman whom he can live with. At thirty six, he has almost lost all his hopes of being blissfully wedded when into his life walks Emily, a salesgirl who happens to be from his village as well.

'Housefull' reminds you of those films of the nineties where the man who falls in love with a girl, marries her despite the hostility that is showered on them by his family. And thus like Balachandra Menon and Shobhana in 'Sasneham', Ananthan and Emily start a life together, aided by friends and colleagues.

'Housefull' is a film that cannot afford to be a family drama, since its lead actor Tini Tom is expected to bring the house down with his antics. The expectations however are not lived up to, since there are very few scenes in the film that would make you even giggle.

On the other hand, it doesn't really work on an emotional level either, since the circumstances that the family goes through, are all too familiar to begin with. After the initial delight in seeing the quadruplets has waned away, the story lays still for a very long time, making you wonder where it would all eventually end up.

The answers to our questions are soon arrived at, when one tragedy after the other strikes the family of six. As they say, sometimes it doesn't rain, it pours. They are thrown out of the house that they live in, there is a suspension for Ananthan in tow, and what else...Yawn.

The script disappoints you big time in 'Housefull' and if you wonder why they had brought the four kids into the tale, I wouldn't blame you. They do add up to the number, but beyond that serve little purpose in the scheme of things.

The conflicts that arise out of an inter caste marriage have been done to death in Malayalam films, and hence the tensest of moments in 'Housefull' pass by, without making much of an impact. The angry dad and the benevolent mom and the callous younger brother with a heart of stone complete the family picture for Ananthan.

Performances are good, and I do agree that Tini and Jyothirmayi even make a convincing pair on screen. The kids look cute as well, and make a ruckus as they have been asked to. Of the supporting cast, Shammi Thilakan leaves a mark.

I doubt 'Housefull' would witness full houses for a long time. In fact, under the best of circumstances, it should be tremendously lucky if it's able to draw in the crowds for about a week.