Sundara Pandian Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | U | Drama, Family
'Sundarapandian' is a satisfying wholesome entertainer.
Sep 17, 2012 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

Sasikumar's "Sundarapandian" manages to do exactly what his earlier films succeeded in doing - provide wholesome entertainment by portraying the protagonist in a lighter role sans sickles, swords and long chases. The film treads the path of love set in the backdrop of a village.

As a viewer you will instantaneously connect with the film because it doesn't boast any larger than life storyline, but a simple plot of romance between a boy and girl and its effect in a village.

Sasikumar has passed on the baton to his erstwhile assistant, who turns director with "Sundarapandian" and displays conviction in direction. However, signature moments of a typical Sasi film are felt throughout in the form of pleasant surprises and a few unexpected twists and turns.

Humour comes as a blessing to the film, as it manages to encompass people from all walks of life and keeps them hooked.

All of Sasi's films in the past have been successful in keeping some level of excitement afloat throughout and so does "Sundarapandian", quite brilliantly. Thanks to director Prabhakaran, who not only keeps the audience engrossed but displays spontaneity in narration and dialogues in particular.

If you've been a follower of the hero's films, then you'd realise the importance he gives to familial relationship. There may not be many scenes with special focus on family in this film, but there are moments such as the prison-returned scene, where the strong bond between father and son is explored.

Appu Kutty, Vijay Sethupathi and others who play the supporting cast leave their mark in their respective roles to add to the film's overall satisfying output.

Director Prabhakaran takes a simple village story and makes it quite interesting with his adept narrating skills. At first, the film appears merely as a village love story, but with every passing minute there are moments that make up to a delightful watching experience.

Raghu's music is passable, while Premkumar's cinematography lives up to the expectation and adds a bucolic feel to the film.

The first half progresses with its share of dull moments which eventually pave way to an interesting second half.

All in all, "Sundarapandian" is a satisfying wholesome entertainer.

Haricharan Pudipeddi