Annum Innum Ennum Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
The film finds itself lost somewhere in between being an adult comedy and a morality tale and it satisfies the enthusiasts of neither.
Jan 19, 2013 By Veeyen

Rajesh Nair's 'Annum Innum Ennum' throws in a few couples under the spotlight and takes a look at how marriage has taken its toll on each of their lives. Indu (Rekha) and Sidharth (Siddique)have recently been divorced and while Indu nurses a broken heart, Sidharth weds Dolly (Fareisa Joemmanbaks) in haste. Sridhar (Jishnu Raghavan) is a writer who has been experiencing a writer's block for around five years, while his wife Anjana (Radhika) has been busy working and making both ends meet. Her boss Roy (Nishan) complains of an unresponsive wife and has his eyes scanning all over the place for a prospective female companion. Inspector Lopez (Salim Kumar) is petrified of his wife Clara (Seema G Nair), but has managed to pen down his thoughts which he hopes to publish some day as a book.

The characters are aplenty in 'Annum Innum Ennum', but none that would manage to strike a chord with the audience. The shrink, played by Thilakan, is one among the many characters in this film who are looking for companionship everywhere else apart from their own homes. The doctor reveals to Indu that ego is the root cause of all marital discords and whispers as an aside that he himself has been caught in a draught just like her for the past several years.

The comic tidbits that the film offers here and there concern the over active libido of its male characters. Sidharth lands up in bed with a hooker before her brother clicks their photographs together and blackmails him into marrying her. Sridhar asks his hottie neighbor Riya (Tashu Kaushik) if he could watch her stripping at night and she readily agrees. Sridhar cannot believe his ill fortune then, when the power supply goes off at the crucial moment.

If all this stuff could make you giggle in amusement, perhaps this film could work for you. As much as it has a valid point to make on the ever increasing number of divorces in the state, it fails to make an impact on the viewers precisely because of a hazy script that doesn't know where it is headed. The abrupt end that it all comes to further delivers a few more blows to the viewer brains before calling it a day. The extended jokes are not funny enough; at least not funny enough to salvage the entire film.

'Annum Innum Ennum' formally introduces Viagra to Malayalam films, and we have a character pondering on how long it would take before the tab has an effect. That someone would walk in minutes after he has gulped down the miracle drug is anticipated, and the rest of the scene focuses on how it all ends up a waste.

Anjana confesses to her friend Daisy (Rosin Jolly) that all romance ends with marriage, and that it's all a matter of compromise after the knot has been tied. It takes a while for the real, real bad men folk to realize their follies and fall back into track. The other women in their lives turn vile forcing them to see the lovely wives that they had forsaken long back. Women in fact fall into two categories in the film; they are either pitch black or angel white. Grey is an uncommon color.

Performances are neat, and I liked Jishnu especially who has let himself loose in an unconventional role. Radhika is quite good as well, while Tashu and Fareisa lend the oomph that is required of their characters. Thilakan, would be dearly missed.

Perhaps thoughtful writing could have induced a bit more life into 'Annum Innum Ennum'. As of now, the film finds itself lost somewhere in between being an adult comedy and a morality tale and it satisfies the enthusiasts of neither.