Love, Wrinkle-free Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Love Wrinkle-Free is a beautiful concept which would have made for a good multiplex viewing if for a water-tight script.
May 25, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

Come to think of it, one doesn't need anything other than a well-written script to make a good film. And much against the typified cliches of Bollywood, filmmaker Sandeep Mohan tries his hands at an offbeat slice of life comedy Love Wrinkle-Free. The film has already made way to many film-festivals, now it remains to be seen whether it opens to a favourable response from the masses or not.

Set in Goa, Love, Wrinkle-Free is a story about Savio (Ash Chandler), a 38 year old Senior Area Sales manager who works in an innerwear company. Savio's mundane life is thrown out of gear with the unplanned pregnancy of his 46 year old religious wife Annie (Shernaz Patel). Complicating matters further is how their adopted teenage daughter Ruth (with Asian/North East Indian features), reacts to this pregnancy, and a chance meeting Savio has with a sensual traveling photographer Natalie, who wants him to do something "unique" for her.

Half of Sandeep Mohan's battle gets won as he ropes in some of the finest of unconventional actors who enhance the narrative with their impromptu comic timing. To add to it, the basic premise of the film along with its tag line which states "Anti-aging comedy" is enticing enough from the very promo itself to lure audience into a watching it.

Sandeep meticulously writes each and every gag which is so pleasant and refreshing that you get charmed by the characters and their comic timing. Ash Chandler almost blends into the entire Goan setting. The way he treats his business proposition of edible lingerie to dealing with a temptress Natalie played by Seema Rahmani is pure brilliance. Renowned theater actor Shernaz Patel too convincingly plays the part of a 46 year old woman who is happy about being pregnant. Right from being a typical Goan wife to her beach shots where she plays the fancy of a doper played by Ashwin Mushran every act of her is very effortless. Even other actors like Sohrab Ardeshir who plays the goon local Bruno Corriero, Arika Silaichia as Ruth are all perfect in their parts.

However, the battle starts from there as despite of a very quaint Goan typified setting along with brilliant characterization, Sandeep lags in his script which stretches beyond tolerance and sags into lethargic monotony. The length of the film is far too long to hold audience attention and even the characters and gags in the film don't make up for the boredom caused towards the second half where you just wish the film ended.

To sum it up, Love Wrinkle-Free is a beautiful concept which would have made for a good multiplex viewing if for a water-tight script.

Mansha Rastogi