Shaadi Ke Side Effects Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA | Comedy, Romance
Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a great rom-com gone bad. The movie still is a great watch only and only for its first half.
Feb 28, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

The battle of sexes is not new to Hindi films. Men are from Mars, women from Venus theory has been dealt with much too many times in movies in the past especially in pretext to relationships with the prominent example being Pritish Nandy Communications' Pyaar Ke Side Effects. It's only obvious then for people to have high expectations from its sequel - Shaadi Ke Side Effects. With a fresh pairing of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, the movie starts off brilliantly but somewhere along the courses loses plot.

The movie starts off with a married Siddharth (Farhan) striking up a random conversation with also married Trisha (Vidya Balan) at a discotheque. The two hit it off over bickering about their spouses so much so that their tryst turns into a one night stand only to for us to know during its course that they are married to each other and it's just a role play to keep the fire in their relation alive. Sid does everything in his capacity to keep his marriage "happening" and gives suggestions to others as well on how to keep away from the marital fights but a baby is never in his scheme of things. The finds himself losing control over his life and marriage the moment Trishna announces her pregnancy and the banter and bickering start off from thereon.

Saket Choudhary, who also helmed the cult comedy Pyar Ke Side Effects, kick-starts his film with gags and situations that are so relatable that you can't help but break into splits every time. Both Farhan and Vidya are spot on with their comic timing and even the chemistry between them is infectious.

Interestingly, as an audience you empathize with both Trisha and Sid and laugh at their miseries as well. However, the laughathon comes to a grinding halt at the interval. The second half starts spiraling downwards and the graph never sees a high from thereon. It's as if the movie should've ended in the first half itself for there's only melodrama and preaching in the second which is a complete put off after a hilarious first half.

It's not just Vidya and Farhan that keep you going during the low points of the film. Given the fact that the two are brilliant in their parts, it's also the side actors like Vir Das and Purab Kohli, no matter how conveniently placed in the storyline, who keep up the humour quotient.

To sum it up, Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a great rom-com gone bad. The movie still is a great watch only and only for its first half.

Mansha Rastogi