Release: March 8 2013
Language: Malayalam
Director: Ummar Muhammed
Producer: S C Pillai
Production Company: Vijay Compains,
Music Director: Mohan Sitara
Ummar Muhammed’s “Radio” talks about the social issues of today. In the modern society women are being victimized in most of the crimes which get involved by both men and women. “Radio” points out such critical issues focusing on a sales girl hailed from a middle class family. The cast line in...More
Star Cast:
Manian Pillai Raju

Complete Cast & Crew

Critic Rating: (2)
User Rating: (1.3)

The efforts to be serious about what it has to tell are certainly there, but it's quite lethargic when it comes to unspooling its plot, thereby adding itself to the list of films that could have been right there on top, but unfortunately isn't. (2) - Veeyen Read Full Review


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