Hate Story 2 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | Thriller
Hate Story 2 does not entice. It certainly does not entertain.
Jul 18, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

It took me rather long to bring myself to write this review. For one, I am pretty certain the producers care a hoot about the reviews and critical evaluation. And more importantly, do the people who have already made up their minds to watch this film really care? Maybe they care too much about something else.

But then, a job cannot be shied away from. And here I am trying to put logic to what ideally could do without any. Considering the film is totally devoid of it.

Hate Story 2 attempts to take forward the same elements from its predecessor. Erotica, revenge and drama. So you have a writer take up a Kill Bill, shake it up horribly till it resembles nothing but garbage, add some skin show and trashy dialogues and voila, you have it!

The story is about Sonica (Surveen), the mistress of corrupt politician Mandar Mhatre (Sushant Singh). She falls in love with Akshay (Jay Bhanushali) and they hit the swimming pool, beaches and bed, in no particular order. Akshay is bumped off by Mandar and now Surveen seeks revenge.

The screenplay finds its own direction and seems as rational as the claim that mobile phones causes rape. At no point does the story or the characters connect. Must have taken some real hard work for the writers to come up with something as yawn-inducing as this.

To give it to the director Vishal Pandya, who had made a sleek Three earlier, he has made a film that plays to the gallery. It's like a pinch hitter in cricket. Either you sink, or you hit a six! The first film in the franchise, Hate Story, was as crass a film. But it got back enough moolah for the producers to figure they can tread the same road again. And probably succeed too. At least the Bhatts seem to keep doing the same thing and yet manage an enviable strike rate.

While the lack of sense might trouble you as an audience, Surveen Chawla will keep your eyes to the screen. She looks ravishingly hot and puts up a performance she should be happy with. Jay Bhanushali is passable. Sushant Singh stands out, as usual. This one is too good an actor to not be noticed.

The only good thing that I could find in the film is probably the way it has been shot.

Overall, Hate Story 2 does not entice. It certainly does not entertain. Not unless stilettos and pink lips are what turn you on! Revenge sagas can be done better. Even if you have to mandatorily include skin show and sex.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara