Kammath & Kammath Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
The movie isn't painful. But then, it doesn't give you even one scene worth remembering.
Jan 25, 2013 By Manu

We've got Mammooty and Dileep signed up. Let's get a heroine for each of them. And villains who make it tough for them to get the girls. But how can we make it different? Let's give the heroes a different slang. Let's make them Kammath brothers.

I just gave you the discussion that might have probably happened before the making of Kammath and Kammath.

Still, director Thomson has made sure the old wine is in a bottle that looks appealing. Two superstars reign the screen. The fun elements are in place. It's a popcorn movie, without doubt.

The story revolves around two brothers, Rajaraja Kammath (Mammooty) and Devaraja Kammath (Dileep).They run the famous Kammath & Kammath restaurant chain. Municipal secretary, Mahalakshmi (Rima Kallingal) and later on her sister Rekha (Karthika Nair) enters their lives and the story takes a turn. Love blooms, villains enter. How the brothers deal with all these, forms the rest of the story.

The screenplay by Udayakrishna-Sibi K. Thomas doesn't offer Mammooty any chance to perform. Even if you choose to watch the movie for the sake of entertainment, you are denied the pleasure of seeing Mammootty in action most of the time. He says the local goons are not sport enough and lets his driver Gopi (Baburaj) handle them.

Dileep handles his part well. And is pleasing with his distinctive witty performance. Baburaj, with his skill to handle humor, surprisingly takes home more claps than Mammotty and Dileep. To enrich the movie, Dhanush from Tamil makes his appearance a couple of times, reluctantly dances and then vanishes.

But these don't fix the mediocrity the film carries throughout. The screenplay explores all possible cliches and takes all the convenient routes. Struggling to fit a formula, it offers you senseless and lifeless scenes in galore.

The director has also failed to add the kind of punch a masala movie demands. The background score takes away the excitement at the right places. And resemblance to many other movies makes the story predictable.

With two of Malayalam's favourite stars, elements of humour, and a weak plot, Kammath and Kammath is a one-time watch. The movie isn't painful. But then, it doesn't give you even one scene worth remembering.