Kammath & Kammath Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | Comedy

Kammath & Kammath is a 2013 Indian movie directed by Thomson K Thomas starring Mammootty, Dileep, Rima Kallingal and Karthika Nair. The feature film is produced by Anto Joseph

Release Info:
January 25 2013 (India)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Thomson K Thomas
DVD Release: Apr 28 2013

‘Kammath & Kammath’ plots the story of Kammath family which migrated to Kochi from Goa during the Portuguese invasion. ... Show more

‘Kammath & Kammath’ plots the story of Kammath family which migrated to Kochi from Goa during the Portuguese invasion.

During the times of financial troubles, Rajaraja Kammath and Devaraja Kammath came forward to rescue their family. They started a wayside eatery named Kammath & Kammath and the dosa from the shop made them so popular.

With growing popularity they started hotels and have now become the owners of one of the fastest growing hotel chain which has branches in various parts of the state.

They have to face certain unexpected issues in relation to the opening of their new hotel. The efforts made by the Kammath brothers to overcome these hurdles weave the rest of the plot.

Presented as a complete entertainer, ‘Kammath & Kammath’ is scripted by Udaykrishna-Siby K Thomas team.

Mammootty and Dileep play the Kammath Brothers and Dhanush dons a film star who comes to inaugurate the new hotel. Rima Kallingal and Karthika are the heroines. Rima does the role of Palaghat Municipal Secretary Mahalakshmi and Karthika is her twin sister, Rekha.

Directed by Thomson, the film also stars Janardhanan, Baburaj, Suraj, Kalabhavan Shajon, Abu Salim, and Sukumari. M Jayachandran tunes music for the lyrics of Santhosh Varma. Anil Nair is the cinematographer.

Anto Joseph produces the movie under the banner of Anto Joseph Film Company.




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Cast & Crew Details:
Rima Kallingal
Karthika Nair
Dhanush Guest Role

Director: Thomson K Thomas
Producer: Anto Joseph
Production Company: Varnachithra
Cinematographer: Anil Nair
Screenplay Writers: Udayakrishna, Siby K. Thomas
Original Story Writers: Udayakrishna, Siby K. Thomas


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