Yaare Koogadali Kannada Movie Review

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YAARE KOOGADALI is meant for hardcore fans of Puneeth Rajkumar with a sensible story and performances.
Dec 21, 2012 By Stephen King

Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar's much awaited film 'Yaare Koogadali' produced under the lucky home banner of Poornima Enterprises is one more feather in the cap of the actor who is scaling heights in his performance levels. His stunts, body language and dialogue delivery perfectly suit the characterisation.

The highlight of the film in the form of improved production values and omitting sequences that were totally unnecessary in the project (Like the Mental Hospital sequences have been chopped off in Yaare koogadali) and avoiding unnecessary inclusion of songs has helped the film to maintain a good pace.

The film connects to Dr Rajkumar film 'Sampathige Savaal very closely. It is the 'Sampathu' (wealth) in this film too. Money is not the main thing it is the morality what Dr Rajkumar character says in 'Sampathige Savaal'.

Samuththira Khani's script has given lot of scope for Puneet to reach greater heights than his many other films. He again proves that many challenging roles are still waiting for him to show his talents. Khani who described Puneet as the best actor all around deserves praise for getting an all round performance from the actor. Loose Mada Yogish is another major attraction of the film while Bhavana appeals with her sensitive performance.

Dr Girish Karnad role in the mental hospital is of high importance. Jnanapith award winner of Karnataka gives his best and his dialogue accent is a treat to hear. The advice of Dr Karnad is a god sent advice for Kumara (Puneeth Rajkumar) in the movie. Shobaraj, Malavika Avinash, Ravishanker, Achyuth Kumar, Mico Nagaraj are fine in their roles. Sindhu Lokanath and Bhavana have the right kind of role. They have done their portions with ease.

Technically the film is on a sound footing. Sukumar's outdoor visuals are brilliant while he makes it good in interiors also. Hari Krishna's background score is top class. He has given all the three songs with required zoom and zeal. Charmee shines in an item song sung by Mamtha Sharma, Yaarivanu Yaarivanu....is timely and Kempadho Kempadho....is breezy. Editing is crisp. Guru Prasad once again shines with his punch dialogues.

Yaare Koogadali is two steps better than its original Porali [Tamil] in terms of rich production values and performances. The stunt sequences are major highlight. Watch the film with entire family.

Overall YAARE KOOGADALI is meant for hardcore fans of Puneeth Rajkumar with a sensible story and performances.

Stephen King