R... Rajkumar Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | UA | Action
R...Rajkumar is one of the weakest works of Prabhu Dheva and a highly banal and boring action-romance.
Dec 6, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

So let's first get the story...err... the lack of it out of the way.

Romeo Rajkumar (Yes, the big secret to 'R' was that our hero is a big Romeo who believes either in pyaar pyaar pyaar or maar maar maar) lands himself in a lawless village governed by two warring parties Parmar (Aashish Vidhyarthi) and Shivraj (Sonu Sood) who are at loggerheads over monopolizing the business of drugs. Rajkumar starts working for Shivraj but as the Romeo-Juliet-isq fate would have it, he falls for Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha), sister of Parmar, who is also eyed upon by his own boss Shivraj. How he fights pretty much with the entire village for the love of his life is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Formula films have always been Prabhu Dheva's area of interest but his fetish takes a highly repetitive turn as he removes all masala of his previous films and stuffs it in R...Rajkumar. The movie kickstarts with a high-octane action sequence packed with ear-splitting background score and you know you've landed yourself into a loud, brash film. You are not wrong, for R...Rajkumar is just that!

The elements of the film right from the conflict to love to the drama and the action even are highly predictable and you just slouch in your seat helplessly waiting for it to unfurl onscreen. What's worse is that while Dheva would sprinkler Southern masalas in his prior films, this time around he overcooks the broth with excessive slapstick comedy, action that's highly unbelievable and romance that's only loud and unappealing.

The first half of the film still has its moment with some of the jokes really tickling your funny bones but you really wish the film ended at that for what follows all throughout the second half is nothing but gruesome assault on your senses. The movie pointlessly drags in the second half and touches the lowest pits of insipidness.

It's quite a pity to see Shahid Kapoor putting all his efforts into a banal film. His hardwork can be seen with the tremendous dancing that he does in all the numbers and also manages to put up a commendable performance. Blame is on the script for not doing justice to the actor. Shahid looks like a complete misfit, what with his body type, bashing up countless people to pulp. This genre is just not meant for him.

Sonakshi Sinha yet again takes her prop position in the film and despite having a role this time fails to please. The actress really needs to shed the excess baggage she has been proudly flaunting and learn a few more expressions than just happy and grumpy.

The rest of the cast including the likes of Sonu Sood, Aashish Vidyarthi, Asrani ham to the fullest, guess on the filmmaker's direction. Mukul Dev on the other hand makes the most of his character-sketch and actually is credited with some of the laugable gags.

To sum it up, R...Rajkumar is one of the weakest works of Prabhu Dheva and a highly banal and boring action-romance.

Mansha Rastogi