Gang of Ghosts Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | Action, Drama, Romantic
Gang of Ghosts tries too hard to be funny and fit the bill of a commercial caper. Sadly, it falls short by miles.
Mar 21, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

There's ample going for Gang of Ghosts, the fact that it's an official remake of Bengali superhit comedy Bhooter Bhobishyo, a credible actor Satish Kaushik known for his impeccable comic timing at the helm of affairs and a cast filled with actors who've proved their mettle in comedy; however, despite all merits to it, the movie turns out to be dreary and unfunny.

With the old mansions and mills of South Mumbai being razed to make way for swanky condominiums, malls and multiplexes, there's hardly any space left to survive, even for Ghosts! Gang of Ghosts is a film based on such a concept. Some of these dilapidated disputed buildings were haunted by Ghosts who had taken shelter there over centuries. They were evicted and are homeless today. There is no rehabilitation package on offer. Politicians, media, intellectuals, civic society- no one gives a dam to them. After all, Ghosts can't vote.

Royal Mansion is one such heritage property which is rented out for film shoots to facilitate its maintenance. A heroine faints during a shooting allegedly sighting Ghost in a mirror. A filmmaker on a recce to the building gets to hear of a spooky story revolving around the house. But is it just a tall tale or is there a twist?

Filmmaker Satish Kaushik succumbs to the pressures of making a masala film owing to which you see item numbers, romantic songs and more throughout the two hour film which drains you by the end of it. The movie runs listlessly with gags only few and far in between.

While the first half of the film still is entertaining as the story unfurls courtesy some pace in the screenplay and some jokes, the second half slumps and the graph only starts spiraling down. It's then that you also have banal jokes and lame PJs that probably wouldn't have made you laugh had you received them as SMSes as well.

It's only the actors who salvage the film to certain extent. Actors like Parambrata Chatterjee, Sharman Joshi are perfect in their parts while the likes of Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Sourabh Shukla are hilarious. It's their comic timing which makes some of the weakest gags also humorous. Priyanka Chopra's cousin Meera lacks promise amd Mahie Gill hams while Chunky Pandey gets wasted.

On the whole, Gang of Ghosts tries too hard to be funny and fit the bill of a commercial caper. Sadly, it falls short by miles.

Mansha Rastogi