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Shree  ( U ) (2013)  (Hindi)
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Shree Review

Shree had tremendous potential to make for a great sci-fi thriller but fails to leave an impact.
2 out of 5 (Average) Shree NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Mansha Rastogi
Rating: Crictiq: 2.0 - Read Review  2/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.0/5 | Users: 3/5
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There's a reason why even some of the biggest of our Bollywood filmmakers don't try their hands in the sci-fi genre. Either it gets way too expensive a task to execute or maybe Hindi films just lack that imaginative thinking. In such a scenario when a small time film revolving around the sci-fi elements makes it to the theaters it does make one inquisitive to know what it has to offer. The film in question is Shree and we tell you whether it's worth your while or not.

Shree (Hussain Kuwajerwala) is an ordinary man who works as a small time accountant at a telecom company. He is in love with a girl Sonu (Anjali Patil) from his locality but cannot marry her till he fulfils her mother's demands; that of having his own flat in Mumbai along with a well paying job. Luck strikes as the owner of his company Mr. Randhawa (Rio Kapadia) zeroes in on Shree as his last guinea pig for a scientific experiment. The stakes are high, Shree is offered 20Lakhs to approve of the experiment which will last 12 hours but the details or results of the experiment are kept safeguarded, even from him. The greed for money takes over as Shree agrees to the experiment. But as soon as these 12 hours start, he finds that his simple life has been turned upside down. He gets accused of murdering the scientist the commissioner of police and many more people. What really happens in those 12 hours? Watch the film to find out.

In the times of spoon-feeding the audience or making movies for dim-wits, first time director Rajesh Bachchani surprisingly, comes up with a plot that makes you use your brains in order to keep up with the twists in the plot. Although the film may remind you of many Hollywood films like Groundhog Day, Terminator, Source Code etc. Bachchani does quite an impressive job to come up with a concept along with its reasoning to make it appear believable.

However, where the filmmaker's novice capabilities come to fore is the execution of it all. Instead of playing on the intrigue factor, the filmmaker makes everything in your face. Also the production quality doesn't aide the sci-fi scope and ends up looking like some project by a film institute student who had a story but not the funds.

Even on the casting front the filmmaker fails to please. He ropes in actors that don't look like scientist or businessman or even a police commissioner. Worse still, the actors fail completely in putting together even a half decent show. Anchor cum TV Actor Hussain Kuwajerwala lacks acting capabilities and it can evidently be seen in the film. His act of a simple man looks forced and farcical. Anjali Patil is one of the biggest annoying factors in the film. She is loud to the point of jarring and unbearable.

To sum it up, Shree had tremendous potential to make for a great sci-fi thriller but fails to leave an impact.
Critic: Mansha Rastogi
 2 out of 5 (Average) 2 out of 5 (Average)  

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