Murder Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Mar 24, 2004 By IANS

Based on the concept of extra-marital relationship, Murder, the latest venture by Bhatts oozes out starring sex goddess Mallika Shrewat, Imran Hashmi and Ashmit Patel in leading roles. Inspired by a Hollywood flick "Unfaithful", Murder has complete ingredients to suite the requirements of the cinegoers who come to cinema halls for the purpose of entertainment and quality stuff only. The movie features plenty of skin-show, sex scenes and has an impressive storyline. It gives full value to the money spent on purchasing tickets.

Settled in Bangkok, Sudhir (Ashmit Patel), his wife Simron (Mallika Shrewat) and their son Kabir live peacefully and happily in foreign land. Being occupied with his job for making a prosperous future for the family, Sudhir forgets that his wife needs him physically and mentally. Simron starts feeling her loneliness badly. She also does a job to kill the time. A twist in the tale occurs, when one rainy day she happens to meet her ex-lover Sunny (Imran Hashmi) on a crowded road under heavy showers of rain. Both had been in love before Simron's marriage with Sudhir. This meeting leads the two to that stage where they can have pleasures but those pleasures can harm Simron's married life eventually. Forgetting all the consequences, the lovers' loneliness ties them in an affair. Sudhir begins to sense that something strange is happening with his wife. He hires the services of a detective who then provides Sudhir solid proofs of her wife's affair with a guy. The infidelity of Simron shakes him badly. This reality helps his feet go straight to Sunny's home where he confronts Sunny. This meeting thus makes room for destruction in married couple's life.

Director Anurag Basu gets the audience glued to the seats till the finale with his creative sense of filmmaking. At interval point, the viewers imagine that the story now reaches at the end, Anurag takes the viewers to the second half. When climax comes, the director takes the interest level of the audience to the highest point with the catchy sequence of events. Although the first half is slow but the film gathers momentum in the second half. And one thing is for sure, the viewers do not take their eyes off the screen even for a minute. The movie completely grabs your attention.

"Murder" is an immaculate effort by the director. Well-written script is impressive but the writer seems to be in hurry at one place when he shows Sunny's girlfriend all of a sudden. Anu Malik's music is soothing. "Kaho Na Kao" and "Bheegay Hont Tere" are more enjoyable and effective on ears amongst others in the list. Cinematography is gorgeous. Brilliantly caught urban life and eye-catching locales of Bangkok capture the breath. Dialogues seem average. Ashmit Patel proves his mettle fully. Although his acting skills went unnoticed in his debut film "Inteha" but this time he wins praises with his attractive expressions in "Murder". Imran Hashmi is simply superb. He is a true fit in this character. Mallika defeats the label of being merely the sex symbol by delivering her emotional performance. Her dealing with the sex scenes boldly also adds spices to the film's graph. Raj Zutshi is adequate as well. On the whole, "Murder" is rich in entertaining the audience and that's what they want in return of their money.